Thursday, July 7, 2011

Saturday, August 13, 1994

Just finished breakfast dishes.  Dale is asleep on the davenport - he comes home, lies down, turns on TV & goes to sleep.  When I come down in the A.M., I turn off the T.V. & go about my duties & he sleeps on.  Barb stayed overnite at Johanson's to babysit Scott & won't be home til after 2 pm.  Then at 6 pm she has to baby sit.  Mary Ann Carey called for a friend & even tho Barb didn't want the job, she didn't want to refuse Mary Ann.  But she isn't too happy about it.

Carey's got new garage doors & Lar got the old ones.  He hopes to build a garage at camp & would use those doors.

Thanks for the pictures - they are great.  Barb got hers developed & was disappointed in the results but a few were good.  The one that Eddie posed for at camp, by the house, is adorable.  He's in his Pirate outfit.

This has been a hard week for Dad.  Has been feeling lightheaded & stiffness in his neck & shoulders.  Thurs. he spent most of the day in bed.  Thurs. nite was "showery" so Lar couldn't work so he trimmed the shrubbery by the house & it looks so nice.  Our tomatoes are starting to show color & the rain we are getting & got last nite should help as it's been so dry.

Had a nice letter from Millie & she has had a busy summer visiting Linda & Larry & his family.  She plans to do volunteer work this fall.  She is Dad's age.  She is a great grandmother - Allan's grandson married & had a son.  Jerry's brother & wife take her out so she keeps busy.

Did the boys "perform" at JoAnna's family reunion.  Too bad you didn't have your camcorder with you here.  We still talk about Eddie's "Ladies & Gentleman" - wonder where he picked that up.

Kim is ready for school when it starts Aug 29th.  She went to Erie last Thurs with a friend & found bargains for phy. ed. wear.  She also cleaned (housecleaned) the apt. last week.

It's cool so I should do some baking.  Aug has been cool & another cool spell is on the way.  I prefer it this way.

No baseball.  Wonder if it can be settled quickly - hope so.

Panoramic views of Warren from July 1994

Beaty Field

Beaty Field

Fourth Avenue at East Street

Liberty Street

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