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Wednesday, July 18, 2001

Just mailed a letter today & here I'm starting a letter.

But Barb called from Lynn's to say the van had a flat tire -- a 1 1/2-2" screw in it.  Barb was upset.  Kim came over & both of us had similar thoughts.  Scott is allowed to use power tools & we wondered if he did it.  The screw was in below the surface of the tire, like you do when you screw into wood & then you fill it with filler.  At first Barb wouldn't believe it but she came around.  We think the screw would have to be upright to go all the way into the tire.  And Scott is the type to do something like that.  Dale fixed the tire with  a plug.  It just makes one wonder.  Scott was the one who discovered it.  I think he is too young to use power tools.  They should be locked up.  Dale agrees with us.

I'm watching the Golf Channel with a preview of the British Open that starts tomorrow.  I'll have to remember to turn TV on at 8 A.M.  It's been very interesting to see the golf course, some of the activities & the area.

We had a nice time at the luncheon today.  Food & fellowship was good.  7 of us.

Back to golf.  They took a vote on which open the viewers preferred:  U.S. Open or British Open.  British open won 65% to 35%.   I like the Brit Open because there are more long grasses and other hazards to keep the golfers on their toes.

Fri the 20th.

Barb got Scott to admit he put the screw in the tire.  Bob was pretty upset & he called later in the evening & said that we should buy a new tire & Scott will have to pay for it out of his birthday money.  He tried to blame it on a friend saying he gave him the idea.  He doesn't need any help to get into mischief.  Lynn is always so ware of what people will think. When Dale had his problems I'm sure there was gossip but I held my head high & let Dale know we loved him no matter what.  I'm sure it wasn't easy on Dad.

The other nite our toaster oven started to smoke.  Dale had one in the attic he got from points at Shults.  He's had it several years, but it didn't work - the magnet holding the toasting lever down wasn't strong enough to keep it down.  Dale looked at KMart but they didn't have the make we wanted./  This aft. we went to the mall & Bon Ton had a Black & Decker toaster oven on sale so we got one.  It has become a necessity.  Can't make sandwiches without it.  It works fine.

Sat. aft.

Been watching the British Open most of the time.  Did get rolls baked before 9 A.M. when it came on TV.

Barb brought suitcases from the attic so I'm starting to think of what clothes I'll want.  See what needs to be washed, ironed, etc.  I have a list made so I can check things off.

Ruth will be 88, I think, on Fri. Aug 3rd so we can help her celebrate.

I hope JoAnna's mother is doing better by now.  You proved you could do all the work by yourselves but it's better when the folks are there to hep.  Bet you were tired out, but happy, when the day was over.

Finally called Rose S. & she said Jamie M. told her 5 years ago he had aids & wouldn't live a long life.

Rose had a 4 bypass heart operation.  It's slow for her to get her strength back & she's always been a little negative but I tried to cheer her up.  I can when I haven't gone thru it & hope I never have to.  Karen's daughter love Toronto & has a Chinese boyfriend & Rose wonders about that.  Jim's oldest daughter is in grad school at U. of Indiana, in Indiana.  The youngest girl finished her first year at Pitt.  And Evan (Karen)( start at Warren Hi in the fall.  He wants to go to Penn State.

Sun. the 22nd.  Next Sun get ready for the Nelson invasion!

Roger preached today.  And Fran was back as organist for today.  Several of us went to the organ to thank her & give her a hug.  Wish she could come back.  We'll see you all before long.  I am looking forward to the visit.

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