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Saturday, August 25, 2001

Got your letter today.  I'm out  on the porch starting a letter with my coffee cup close at hand & some sweets.  Sweets I shouldn't eat but not enough will power.

Wed nite Viola Seaquist came over & we had a nice visit.  I asked about the meeting at church they had when we were gone.  I guess I shouldn't have.  The congregation is divided.  At the beginning Passingers were very close with Gary & family & now they're against him.  Son Tim P. even went to the Synod office -- they want him gone now!  The big thing everything is so secretive & he doesn't do visitation.  And if he visits the nursing homes, etc. he doesn't offer to pray.  Bernie Bloom is in a nursing home & Irene was there when the pastor visited.  Irene wanted to ask him to pray but she chickened out.  A sick or shut in member shouldn't have to ask a pastor to offer a prayer.  That is part of his calling.  We have about 600 members on the roll must be some deadwood) & not even 1/4 attend church & the Sun. School is pitiful. It upsets me but all we can do is to pray for our church.

Kim is still upset.  The gym is her space so when she teaches Health it is in various class rooms.  This year due to a change in the health class curr currucillum cure curriculum (looked it up & still can't remember the correct spelling but I hope you can figure it out they are uniting the 9th & 10th grade classes (it's for 9th grade) so Kim will have 44 students & no classroom will hold that many kids.  The job has been posted & a teacher at Abraxas has applied for it.  A big guy who was in sports.   Kim says hire him as maybe his size will help keep the kids in order.  A few have applied for Wrrn Hi job.  Kim hopes one fellow who teaches grade school phy ed will retire next year & she would apply for the job.  She has some seniority & it might be enough.  That's her dream.

The new Readers Digest has some interesting articles esp. one on back pain & one on road rage.

It was interesting to read the letters in response to the article on foods for men & women.  Barb fixes herself a tofu meal.  Now she has gotten a food powder with tofu she adds to her smoothies.  She has them for lunch.

Barb got her pictures & there are 2 of Eddie that are so good.  One in Middleton where was Andy when Barb was taking pictures) & one at the lake.  We're getting some reprints.  A cute one of Boxer also.

Fri. we went to Jamestown -- Lakewood Mall.  Then to Bemus Point & the Italian Fisherman.  We sat on the porch & viewed Lake Chautauqua.  It's in the vicinity of The Surf Club & Barb is familiar with that!   I had a fish sandwich & Barb a salad.

We stopped at WalMart & I got a crochet hook like Joyce had so maybe I'll get started on something.  It has a hook on both ends & you use double yarn.

We've had a little rain but not enough so they're asking people to conserve & save water -- don't keep the water running when brushing teeth -- shorter showers, full loads of dishes & clothes.  That's not hard.  It's the people with wells who suffer the most.

Walked over town this A.M. to the farmer's mkt & got 2 qts blueberries.  Maybe I'll make a blueberry pie.  I made a peanut butter pie after lunch.  It's so easy & you freeze it.  Dale likes them.

I'm ready for fall & to wear clothes with collars & not feel too hot.  Or clothes made of little heavier material.  Haven't bo't any thing new for fall -- haven't seen anything I really like in my price range.  They say plaids are coming back & I have 2 plaid skirts, several years old, & I'd like new tops for them.  Feels like nap time.  More later.

KMart changed their shelves -- different aisles & some of them are not full.  I needed bags for the compactor & they didn't have any so Dale went to Sears & got a pkg. for me.  I'm lost without it.

I'm watching the Mets vs. San. Fran. & they have a big crowd for the game.  It will be on ESPN Sun nite & again it's on TV on Mon. NY channel WB 11.

On the Penn State channel we watched the Auction, no, not the auction, the Antique Roadshow & it was from Madison.  Lots of goodies that would bring dollars.  At the beginning of the show they showed the State Capitol & surrounding areas & Dale said "I've seen that."

Don Glendenning is in the booth with Seaver & Thorne & they're talking "old times" & it's fun to hear them. They were talking about the Pirates & their great teams -- winning teams.  He was on the '69 Mets team that won the series.

Today Barb wanted to go to the bank at the Mall & I went along & went into the shoe store.  Got a pair of Dexter shoes on sale.  In brown (only color) & haven't had a pr. of brown shoes for years.  Thicker soles -- good walking shoe & they are so comfortable.  And they were only $29.98.  Couldn't pass them up & I'm glad I got them.  Slip ons.

Sun the 26th

I think today we heard a rebuttal at church.  Gary didn't preach on the gospel lesson but form Jeremiah, when he was upset by his followers.  It was like he was comparing his situation to Jeremiah -- the frustrations, the people, etc.  But I'm sure it didn't help, only flamed the fire.  It sounded like he means we have to take him until he decides to retire.  Also 3 council members resigned:  Patty Phillips, Lisa Passinger (Tim's wife) & Patty Morelli.  All are faithful members.  I never dreamed it was this bad -- you two are my sounding board -- the others aren't that interested.  If you're tired of it, you can skip over it!

Each one of us is watching golf on 3 different TVs.  What an exciting time -- Tiger & Jim Furyk are on their 7th hole to break a tie.,  Finally it's over & Tiger wins.

Mon A.M. the 27th

I have to mail some letters so I'll bring this to a close.

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