Saturday, October 16, 2010

Sunday, October 16, 1983

Dad & I thank you for the World Atlas.  We like it - fun to look thru & good help for me in some cross word puzzles.  We both had good birthdays.

Dad left at noon last Mom. (TV is interferring) for a pastor's convocation at Butler, & coming home Wed. Aft.  He enjoyed it.

Yesterday we went out for breakfast at Perkins - it was very busy - first day of small game hunting.  Larry took us all out to lunch at the Jefferson Room (old & bldg.) house on Corner of Mkt & 2nd & the food is excellent.  Even Dale went with us!  Then last nite the opening of the refurbished Library Theater.  It is lovely - the color scheme is so pleasing.  It was fun to be there - some in formal dress - good program.  We didn't stay for birthday cake as it was 11 pm by the time the program ended & Dad had the service at the Valley today when 5 were confirmed.

Thurs nite Mel & Levina took us out to dinner at the Bucktail Hotel, Marienville.  Good food & such a nice atmosphere.  We will go there when you are here for Christmas.  You are coming, I hope.

I received many nice cards & letters from friends & relatives.  Even got a 2nd Soc. Security check on my birthday but not the large one the man said I'd be getting - the back money due me because they went back to  my 62nd birthday.  Gen plans to quit work & take S. S. at 62 next June.

Barb has been home a week.  I felt sorry for Tom as that is such a long trip in 2 1/2 days.  We didn't know when to expect Barb & they drove in about 9:30 Sat. AM.  I had just gotten dressed & was glad of that.  We were invited to Braders that Sat. nite so I couldn't make dinner for them & Tom left at 4:15 A.M. Sun.  It is nice to have Barb home - she is knitting, exercising, etc.  She has changed a lot & I like them.  Last night Barb, Lar & Pam B. [friend of Barb's from high school] went out - Holiday Inn & one other place.  Glad she will go out.

No school next Fri. in service day for teachers.  Next Thurs nite the Players Club puts on Fanny & it will be at the Library Theater in connection with the anniv.  Lar & Barb will go with us.

Wed. Nite Dale goes to a concernt in Buffalo again to see the Moody Blues.

I'm rooting for the Orioles & hope they clinch the title today.  Games have been good.

Today we went to the Brookwood in Jamestown for dinner & had delicious lamb.  It was a special for 5.95 & you don't see that too often.

Larry landscaped the side of the house & it is so attractive.  This past week he brot over 3 large rocks & placed them among the shrubbery.  He hopes to get 2 more. He brot in dirt to build it up like a rock garden.  Very nice.

Mr. Conaway died a week ago.  Mrs. C. will stay in her home.

Guess I've covered all the news for this letter.  We are all fine.  Have a good birthday & don't celebrate too much!!!!

Forgot to mention - Curt & Denise [a cousin of mine and his wife] are expecting a baby next April.  June [Curt's mom] said they didn't waste any time!

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