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Sunday, July 23, 2000

I'm watching the British Open with Tiger Woods in the lead.  It's wonderful golf to watch.  It will be hard to write a letter because I have to watch what Tiger does.  What a talent.

We're hearing so much about the "rages" of today.  How do parents behave at Andy and Eddie's games.

Thanks for the copy of the menu -- it means that a lot of work had to be done to have enough food for all.

Last Tues. Dale was late in coming home on his early week.  Reason, he cut his hand using a utility knife, with a new blade, cutting cardboard.  He went to the emergency room & had 3 stitches.  It is healing fine.  Had to have a tetanus shot.

Sat, yesterday, he went to Oak Express in Erie & got an oak dresser & an entertainment center, also in oak.  It looks so nice.  Together he spent $700.00.  The dresser was 1/2 price because of minor defects.  It is very attractive.  W hat a difference furniture can make in a room.

Tomorrow I have a Dr. appt.  Regular check up.

One of Kim's friends -- she teaches at Warren Hi -- was able to find a house she could afford.  She will be moving in next Sun. & Lar & Kim will help.  Kim wondered about the twin bed we got for Dad.  You can't sell (thru an ad) a used bed & we have no use for it so "Dannie" can have it.  It was covered with a plastic mat &U then with a mattress pad so it is clean & spotless.  Eddie always said it was a comfortable place to rest.  It will be one less item in the attic.

I made a blueberry coffee cake & it's good.  A batter & then you sprinkle 1 c. of blueberries.  Also made a 1 crust blueberry pie & it came out really good.  Use half of the berries mixed with sugar, water & cornstarch til it thickens, etc.  Put rest of berries in the baked shell & pour the cooked berry sauce over it & chill.  Lar had a 2nd piece as did Dale.

If you watched any of the British Open, did you notice how deep the bunkers were & so small in diameter & deep, deep, deep.

Now to baseball.  The Mets beat the Braves yesterday aft. 4-0, so I was pleased.  And tonite they are on ESPN with Jon & Joe as announcers, 2 of the best.  Gary Thorn is right up there with them.

Tiger's girlfriend is JoAnna.  And she's white.  And Tiger won -- the announcers really heaped lots of praise of Tiger for what he has accomplished.

Last Fri I saw Lauri Heckler (she's on Jefferson & used to do my hair) & next fall she will be teaching at Allegany Valley -- 2nd grade -- regular & not special ed. as she did in Tidioute.  Danny graduated from Wrrn Hi last June & Allison goes into 9th.  She said it was well worth the effort of finishing college as she loves teaching.

We've really had a cool summer, esp. this last week.  Nights are cool but it's suppose to start warming up.  68 in Buffalo now.  I wouldn't mind it a little warmer & forget the humidity.  I'm dreaming.

Still Sun.  Was sitting on the porch reading & Mr. Bonace walked by.  He told me he joined Weight Watchers & has lost 15 lbs.  He also walks morning & evenings.  He was getting heavy.

Now it's Tues A.M. & I've got my work done.  So I'm enjoying a cup of coffee, an oatmeal cooky & watching "Murder She Wrote".

Kim was telling us an 8th grade girl got caught selling Ritalin & Marisa was involved somehow.  Gossip can't be kept under control & Lynn has said nothing to Barb.  Poor Lynn with 2 problem kids.  The girl that got caught starts 9th grade in Alternative Ed. for the whole year.  According to gossip Marisa got off "because the parents have money".

Guess I've covered the news & gossip here.  Oh yes, my physical went fine.  Blood pressure OK, except I gained 3 lbs in 5 months. It's time to do something about it, I tell myself.  Time will tell what kind of self control I have.  Thyroid OK.

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