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Saturday, August 5, 2000

Kim stopped by Fri. & they enjoyed their brief vacation.  Couldn't roller blade at the Peninsula as it rained, so they shopped.  Kim got 4 pr. shoes & some school clothes.  Lar got work shoes & sneakers.  They enjoyed Cleveland.  T hey walked along the "Flats" -- near the lake & places to eat & drink.  They ate dinner in an old warehouse that had its own brewery.  Lar had an "oatmeal" beer that was very smooth & tasty.  A great meal as well.  On the 3rd floor was an art gallery & the art was very expensive.  Lar bot a kaleidoscope made of stainglass chips & when you look into it you see flowers.  It was 45.00 the cheapest, but he liked & wanted it.

It is this Sun, the 5th, they are having the Crary residents at camp.  Kim plans to make 2 blueberry & 2 peach pies s well as grocery shopping, mowing at camp & Cleaning a bit.  Today is perfect so Lar can catch up on his extra work.

I walked to Farmer's Mkt. this A.M. & got 2 qts blueberries at 2.25 qt. & 6 peaches for 2.00.  /So it was worthwhile.  Before I left I made a coffee cake & fixed bacon & eggs for Dale.  Now I'm taking it easy as I have all week.  Just doing the necessary i.e. -- meals & washing & the bathroom.  So next week it's back to normal.  The kitchen floor will get a washing on Mon.

I'm reading a book by John O'Hara -- Elizabeth Appleton.  I've never read any of his books & seeing he is a Pa. author, it's time to read his books.  Just started it & finding it interesting.

Got your letter yesterday & enjoyed reading it on the porch.  Thanks for the pictures.  Julianna is a little doll.  She resembles Andy & Eddie.  Eddie is changing so much -- hard to believe he'll be in 4th grade.  Andy has always been a good clothes shopper.

Our neighbors (Niezmik) left this week for vacation in N. Carolina.  They have 3 cats, always in the house & friends will check on them.

Lynn & Bob will be at the Lake this coming week & Bob asked Barb to feed their cats.  She will. They have 2 cats & a dog.

Fri. aft (yesterday) it cooled off & I got ambitious on a Fri!  Made dinner rolls, a box cake & spinach lasagna for supper.  Started at 3 pm so I had to work fast.  Unusual for a Fri.  I've been eating later this week & Dale was hungry enough to eat when we did.

Last nite I stayed up til 11:30 pm watching Mets-Ariz. & Mets beat Randy Johnson.  I'll have to take a nap if I want to see part of the game tonite.  Usually go to bed around 10 pm as I'm up early.  Randy didn't last 4 innings.  But he pitches lot of innings + pitches -- up to 130 a game.  Most don't hit 100 any more, so his arm could be getting tired.  Altho "old time" pitchers pitches 9 innings a lot & every 3 days.  What does that tell you about us "Old timers"!

Later on Sat.

I mention our neighbors went on vacation -- they are Dan & Sally Neizmik.  This A.M. Barb was working in the garden & Sally saw Barb & started talking.  She said her mother shouldn't have had her as she never gave Sally any attention & drank a lot.  So Sally doesn't have much respect for her mother.  Barb was surprised at Sally's talk of her mother.  I thought maybe she wonders how a grown daughter & son still live at home with their mother.  Sometimes I wonder what Barb would have done if I hadn't called her & asked if she wanted to come home for Lar & Kim's wedding.   Lots of wondering.  I'm glad we have a good relationship -- all of us.

 Got the property tax in the mail this week.  Pa. has a $100.00 tax return if you call certain info in.  I haven't done it along with many Pennsylvanians.  They now have the last date in Oct.  I think they should have kept the money for a better project.  What's up to 100.00 in today's world.  It wouldn't save a person from losing his home, etc.

Kim said they saw a lot of "bag people" in Cleveland & she felt sorry for them.  Carry all their belongings in a bag or some sort of carrier.  We don't see that here, or many dark faces.

Watched a TV program on Miami & Miami Beach -- Little Havana & such.  Very interesting -- many languages spoken, foods, night clubs, dancing.  Some pretty lewd.

Sunday the 6th.

Barb asked me what I planned for Sun. dinner & I had no idea.  She suggested pizza, as we had a dinner on Sat., so I agreed.  Ordered it from Pizza Hut -- ordered the Supreme & it was very good.  We had salad with it & root beer, but Dale wanted milk.

It's been a terrible day weatherwise.  Showers all day, some real hard.  Not a good day for Kim & Lar.  Maybe some wouldn't come because of the damp, cool weather as they are older.

Next Sun. Kim is involved with the bike race around the Dam area.  Nancy didn't go away this Aug. so Kim wasn't left with all the work.  Each committee member is supposed to make choc. chip cookies given out after the race is completed.  They really appreciated the cookies last year.  Many thanked Kim as she made them all.

Finished my O'Hara book & look forward to reading more of his books.  There are a lot of his books on the shelf.

Did you get a thank you letter from Debbie G. about Jeff's project.  Millie said she planned to write to you.  They tho't both you & Barb did so well.  Millie also wrote that Linda is going to Paris, leaving Aug 8th.  She loves to travel & does a lot of it.  I heard from Millie oftener than I hear from Gen.

Gary Thorn & Tom Seaver are the Mets announcers & I love to listen to them.  They make the game fun to listen to & aren't like some announcers who love to show ho much baseball stats they know.  Jon & Joe Morgan are great announcers & make it fun, esp. Jon whose last name won't come to me.  Will reread your last letter.

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