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Friday, September 29, 2000

Got your letter today.

The driveway is about half completed.  It is a big job, one Lar told Kim he wouldn't do for anyone but his mother.  The one who delivers the fill was late both yesterday & today.  He has a job at United & is on 2nd shift this week.  Now Lar is going for a final load & Dale is tamping it down with a rented machine.  So it won't get finished this week -- they'll get a start but will have to work on it after working hours -- laying the blocks, that is.

Kim has 2 aunts that try to run everyone's lives.  Her sister in Fla. isn't well & they are driving her crazy.  Yesterday Kim was a little late because her sister called to tell of the aunts continued interference.  At least her in-laws don't interfere with her on Larry.  We love both our daughters-in-law, & fell very fortunate you & Lar made such excellent choices.

We were talking about where we should go for my birthday dinner.  We don't want to go too far & there is nothing in Warren, so Kim suggested an Italian restaurant just as you enter Jamestown from Warren.  It is small but Kim said the food is good & they have a wide menu.  So that is where we'll go.  Kim & Lar have been there several times.

The Mets go in as the N.L. wild card.  But I'm hoping the Giants will go all the way as I'm sure the Mets won't.

Sat A.M. Sept. 30

This A.M. I walked overtown & went to D&K & found a few items I could use. It's fun to look around in that store.

This aft. I made a coffee cake & a batch of bar cookies.

Now I'm taking it easy.

Barb is going to ride her bike -- it's a lovely fall day.

The bricks for the driveway won't be delivered until Wed. Oct. 4th.  It should be done by the time Paul & Eddie come.  Times is flying by.

Sunday Oct 1.

Another lovely day so after lunch I walked to CVS for a few items.  It was good to exercise.

Last Fri. when Barb & I got home from a trip to the mall we noticed a Beaty girl was upset.  I asked her if I could help -- she wanted to use the telephone.  Her dad picks her up but she was a little late & she was in tears.  I heard her tell her mother she wasn't at her girlfriend's but an old lady who was nice but let her use the 'phone.  I'm an old lady but funny I don't feel like one!  They picked her up.

In today's Buffalo paper there is a cooky recipe that took top honors at Erie County Fair in Aug.  It contains choc. chips, oats, coconut & nuts in addition to sugar, flour, etc.  Also a small amount of cinnamon.  I plan to try it.  They said to use 1/4 c. dough for each cooky but I'll make them smaller.  T hey sound good.  We'll see.

I got another Sandra Brown book Fat Tuesday and it is so good.  Finished another M. C. Beaton book Death of an Addict featuring Hammish McBeth who solves the crimes in his bumbling ways.  They are fun reading.  The author has written 15 of these novels & I'm sure I've read them all.

When we were kids, I remember I didn't like Sun. afternoons as we couldn't play alike they do today.  We might take a walk or just sat & watched the cars go by.  Now I'm a widow & feel the same way.  Not much to do Sun. aft. so that's why I'll walk to CVS if it's nice weather.  Or read or do a puzzle.  I still don't like to work on Sun.  Guess it got ingrained in me or I'm lazy!  Probably the latter.

Mon Oct 2

They are unloading the bricks now & Lar is here.  I wrote out a check for $2,048.93 for them.  Still the bill for the fill to come so I'm lucky to get the labor free.

I made the cookies from the Buff. Sun. paper & they are very good.  Lar & Kim stopped by yesterday & I gave the recipe to Kim.  She said she'd leave out the coconut.  I felt the dough was very thick so I added 2 T water.  I've already had 3 & still 3 pm  coffee ahead!!!

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