Thursday, February 2, 2012

Sunday, January 30, 2000

Just put a turkey breast roast in the oven for our evening meal.

I'll watch the super bowl but it's not as exciting this year.  I'll root for the Rams.

K Mart had 1000 pc. puzzles on sale for 1.99.  I got 3 last Tues. & didn't realize but 2 & get 1.00 off.  Should have gotten 4.  On Fri. I got 2 more so I'm well supplied with new puzzles, altho I don't mind doing them a 2nd or 3rd time.  I'm doing a farm scene - farmhouses, pumpkins, and green  grass.  The green & orange is driving me nuts.  Now I'm soon thru getting the pumpkins together -- then the grass.  I watch TV & do puzzles.  Heard from Millie & she does puzzles.  She said she sits down for 15 min. & 2 hours later she's still at the puzzles.   I have the same experience.  Retirement is nice - no time schedules.  I do some work!  Yesterday a coffee cake, Danish rolls & a batch of cookies.  Even washed the floor last Wed. so my back is better.  Can't be idle all the time.

The weather is something else.  I feel sorry for people going to Atlanta when it's so hard to get around due to icy roads, etc.

I knew my electric blanket was getting old & really found out when it turned zero & I was cold.  I have a full bed elec. blanket neither Barb or Dale would use so since I sleep alone it covers me & keeps me nice & toasty warm.  Next fall I'll look for a new one that fits. 

Last Mon. we had a good time at our get together.  We were there 2 1/2 hrs. & I'm sure the waitress was glad to see us go so she could reset the table.  She was the only waitress so the fellow who tended bar helped her.  He could be a manager of some sort as he wore a suit & was very nice & so was the waitress.  I called for a reservation but the D.R. never answered & I didn't call again but they weren't busy. 

Yes, Paul, I remember the disappointment when you didn't live up to your capabilities but in the end you did, so the disappointment turned to joy & pride.  Don't be too hard on Andy.

June gave us some old letters I wrote to the folks & some Carl wrote from college.  Signe sent him a new shirt & in the letter he asked for a tie to wear with it & a pair of dress socks.  He didn't have much to go on, but he made it.  Those were depression years.

I'll be waiting to hear about your dinner for Signe.  I sent her a card but just signed my name as I wasn't sure of her condition.  The sisters live long lives.  89 for Signe.  90 for Stella & I imagine Lila will be 88 her next birthday.

Gen & Millie went to see Aunt Esther but she knows nothing.  They are keeping her alive & I think that's too bad.  Elsie Yeagle's mother was alert at 100 -- I think they had a party for her at church.  If you have your ind that is wonderful.  Allie Peterson lived to 100 I think, but she was in & out of it.

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