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Monday, March 6, 2000

I'll start a letter & keep adding to it.  Just got home from the Dr.  He said there was a membrane in my right eye & he'd "pop" it & I have to go again to get my eyes tested to see if the prescription has changed.  Couldn't do both today.  On Tues of that week I see Dr. McNett & need to get a blood test first.  On Mon the 20th I get my eyes examined.  He lasered it.  Said I'd see better now.  It hasn't been clear vision for that eye -- it's the one that had the cataract.  Beautiful day so I walked home.

Now it's 9:20 & I'm relaxing.  LCW was a workshop & the women tied a quilt.  They are given to "Safe Place" & the women are really thrilled to get a quilt.  It was a nice time & Marge Woods& I worked well together.  I'm watching Homicide now.

Tues A.M.  A few things I forgot.  Arlene Hornstrom had a stroke & is now in rehabilitation.  Do you remember the Rapps -- Jim and Carol.  Had a son, now in California & a daughter Pam.  Carol was sick a lot -- ended with cancer & she died shortly after Dad died.  Carol's father was Jim Greenlund & he died a couple of years ago.  Now his wife Alice, a sister of Myrtle Wallin, & Jim Rapp started going together & will be married in June.  Alice was the mother-in-law but she was Jim Greenlund's 3rd wife.  1 divorce, 1 death.  But I'm happy for them as Alice is a person who needs a husband & Jim Rapp will have a stable home life.  I'm sure the last years of Carol's life were hard ones for Jim & financially backbreaking.  I'm sure Alice was left financially OK.  Of course there is talk but who cares.  I think it will be good for both of them.

Just a note on Wed.  It's soon bedtime.  Dale said he might sell the Monte Carlo to Sam or he might not.  He realizes he doesn't need 3 cars.  He'd never part with the El Camino & he likes the Blazer for winter driving.  What a dilemma.

Fri A.M. the 10th

In this A.M. paper there is an article on the new State Police Barracks being built.  It states that Wm L. Gordon is the Station Commander.  Is the name familiar -- he's Dale's age & Rose's nephew.  Her twin Violet is his mother.

Winter has returned!  We still  plan to go to Jamestown this aft. as only flurries are predicted & Barb has wanted to go for some time.

Yesterday at the beauty shop (nice to have curl again) Louise Borg was having her hair done & she whispered in a disgusted voice "have you heard Jim Rapp is marrying Alice Greenlund?"   I said "yes".  Her hair had just been washed so there was nothing more said.  But I knew what she thought of it.  I'm sure many agree with her.  Marge Ristau does, I know.  And her sister Martha Andersen would.

Last nite Lar did my taxes for me.  I just have to pay state & local taxes.  Dale has his ready to send in & he expects money back as too much is taken out.  He's still wavering on the Monte Carlo & he said now he wants $5,000.00 for it.  Figures he put 7,000.00 in it at least.

He has the El Camino in Carey's garage while they are in Fla.  Both Paula & husband are working in Buffalo; sold their house & haven't found one in Buffalo so Paula wants to store some things in the garage.  So we'll be playing "musical cars" again.

Last Thurs. I mentioned Lar did my taxes so Kim walked Torey home for his exercise.  She checked the messages on the answering machine.  A very sexy voice said "Bambi call me, Bambi call me."  Didn't leave a telephone number & Kim couldn't remember any "Bambi".  She punched whatever it is that gives you the no. dialed but she wasn't familiar with it.  When Lar got home -- he had to check at Carey's -- she asked "who is Bambi".  Larry didn't know & off hand he didn't remember the phone no.  When she played the message Larry said "that's Monty", playing a joke on you.  She was really upset for awhile. So Kim sent him a email.

Fri aft. Barb & I went to Jamestown.  Had lunch at a new Ruby Tuesday close to the mall on mall property.  We had the salad bar & it was excellent.  It was a nice change.  Neither of us did much shopping -- didn't see anything we needed or caught our eye.

Dale & Sam looked at the Monte Carlo this aft. & Dale doesn't think he can part with it.  He put too  much of himself into it to let it go.  When he's not married he can afford the registration, insurance, etc. for 3 cars.

This has probably been enough reading for you for this time.

Interesting to realize Eddie could see a "messy house".  You ended your letter saying "Now I've probably made you feel like cleaning".  The letter arrived on Fri, close to noon & on Fri, Sat & Sun. I just do the necessary -- mainly meal preparation.  I'm rejuvenated by Mon. & start all over again on my schedule.  When you're almost 80 cleaning isn't a priority.

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