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Friday, June 23, 2000

It's a beautiful day on the cool side.  Good day to do some baking but I made cookies earlier in the week.

We've had a lot of rain & Beaty Field was wet.  Tonite (all nite) until Sat. mid morning there is a cancer get together going on but not at Beaty this year due to the wet.  It was moved to the High School grounds.  Do we card?  Not a bit when a rock band was scheduled for 11 pm - 1 A.M. plus the sound system announcing various things going on.  It is very hard to get to sleep & stay asleep.  So we're happy to let some other people find it hard to sleep.  Let's hope they like the high school property better.  More parking & I think a little more secluded but sound does carry.

Sounds like Eddie is keeping up with Andy on baseball.  That is great.

I remember when Roosevelt changed the date of Thanksgiving & the grumbling that took place.  There was grumbling when Soc. Security started & I suppose there still is but a lot of people would have very little to go on unless it was forced on them.  My S.S. payment is higher than the pension.  It's best to have something you can't get at to borrow.  Usually it never gets paid back.  I remember Gen & Ed saying they'd never see a S.S. check & now they are getting it.  Grandma Nelson got a small S.S. check and she treasured it -- it was hers to spend.  I'm sure she never had any spending money.

Rhubarb is hard to come by.  I'd love to make a strawberry rhubarb pie.  We've had straw. shortcake but no straw pie yet.  We plan to go to the Mall later (Kim said she's stop by after 3) & we'll stop at Hatch Patch for berries.

Sat aft. the 24th

Dale just finished his rug & it looks so nice.  He didn't have to pay rent for it  (stretcher*) as the owner (2 years older than Dale) wanted his advice on what was wrong with his van -- it was the fuel pump & he could fix it himself once he knew what the problem was.   *The equipment to get it stretched, etc.  Dale just had to listen to the problems & knew what it was.

Sam B. stopped by to show Dale his '84 Monte Carol.  A light navy color, 2 door & very nice looking.  The owner started out wanting $8,000.00 & it didn't go.  Sam offered $5,000.00 & they took it.

Had a letter from Millie.  Gen was on the committee for their 60th anniversary get together of graduation (hi school) so she wanted a new dress & Millie went shopping with her.  Millie is very good to shop with.  Gen found a dress & a pants suit that looked good on her & Millie insisted Gen get both & she did.  I wouldn't have to be told twice to get both outfits but Gen doesn't like to shop.  Ed also insists sometimes when the go shopping.

Went to the library this A.M. & got 3 books - my limit when I walk.  I'll be glad when July is here as the library will be opened longer hours.

Barb picked 5 qts. strawberries this A.M. at Hatch Patch.  $1.05 vs. $2.75 already picked.  Delicious.  The corn is really growing.

I'm watching N.Y.Y. vs. Chicago White Sox & the Yankees are ahead.  But as of now 3 pm the W. Sox are 1/2 game ahead of Boston & N.Y.Y. in third place.  Deals are going on  - wonder who will get who or is it whom!

You can be sure I'll be watching T.V. Thurs-Sun when the Mets host the Braves.  Esp. to see how things go with Rocker, who should learn not to talk to reporters.

One of the Sheffield teachers is getting married & Kim was invited to a shower for her at a summer home at Chautauqua this afternoon.

Patterson (funeral director) left last week for a visit in Italy.  Kim is watering their plants while they are away.

Tues. the 27th.

I'm reading again.  Enjoyed The Glass Lake by Maeve Binchy.  Now I'm near the end of I Thee Wed by Amanda Quick.  That's all I want to do once I start a book so I've done just the basics in the house.  Tomorrow I plan to go to the bank to get money for next month's budget.

Kim heard from her sister.  At an exam the Dr. found that she has melanoma -- is that correct spelling -- & it's very serious.  She will be operated on July 11 & until then, not a lot is know as to the outcome -- how deep into the bone, etc. etc.  Kim will be going down to Fla. after the operation & of course her sister & family won't be coming up here, unless Kim brings the niece & nephew back & they would return by plane if Debbie would allow it.

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