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Sunday, April 16, 2000

Since I wake up early, I chose to go to First Luth. at 8 A.M.  Our service at St. Paul's, with First Luth., was at 11 A.M. & that would be a longer service with extra music, etc.  Besides Pastor Risher, I was the only one from St. Paul, but I know many from First so it wasn't that strange.  I was home a little after 9 AM & then made breakfast.  It's a lovely day.

We had a nice time last nite with Lar & Kim.  We were able to sit on the deck for awhile but had dinner inside.  Kim bo't a birthday cake fro Bi Lo -- they have a good bakery.  It's been a time of celebration -- Mon. eating out; Thurs. birthday cake (left over) for Dale & Dale got to open Lar & Kim's gift & y our gift that arrived on Thurs.  He likes the #3 sweatshirt.  He says thanks to you all.  Barb will open her gifts on Thurs.  A fun time.

I asked Kim about "On the Record".  She said they are fined for punishment.  Today kids (certain ones) have no respect for anyone & don't want to be told "Don't do that", or "Don't curse me" & the officials say the teachers don't have to take anything from the kids.  It's gotten bad -- the next will be hitting, etc.

Last nite Kim told us of 5 7th grade girls who came to a dance.  It was from 9-11:30 followed by a "lock in", otherwise known as a sleepover.  Shortly after the dance started, 1 of the girls said to Kim I have to leave -- my mother is picking me up.  Kim said -- you know once you are here you can't leave (some came only for the dance).  She went back to the other girls & she could see them plotting.  Shortly after another came with the same plea.  They must have wanted to meet some boys.  The 1st girl came up again -- Kim was disgusted & decided to call the girl's parents.  The girl didn't know her telephone number!  Kim had it on the permission slips.  In the meantime the 1st girl's mother came & started screaming & swearing at the girl -- she was grounded & sneaked out. So now she's grounded for 6 weeks.  By the time these girls are 10th graders, they'll be something else.  No one slept during the lock in -- played basketball or other games, watched TV, etc. At 5 A.M. 2 boys tried to sleep as Sat. was the 1st day of trout season & they were going fishing & figured they should sleep a couple hours.

I haven't started any spring cleaning.  USA Today had an article on spring cleaning & how many find it hard to do it.  Even I don't wash the kitchen floor every week.  I spot clean it & give it a good wash every 3 weeks.  I'm lucky Barb & Dale take care of their rooms & Dale vacuums the stairs & L. R. weekly.  The house looks OK as long as I keep it picked up & see that things are in order.  That is fine for me.

Mon the 17th.  Was up at 6 A.M. & after I ate breakfast I started on my chores.  Stripped Dale's bed & then mine.  Both are made.  Washed a load & part of it is in the dryer.  Cleaned the little bathroom in the basement & the shower.  Had done either for awhile.  Dale is good to keep it up but was in the mood to clean them.

Dale has 2 walls painted -- the draperies were taken down so they are washed & set to hang.  The frame of the windows are varnished wood.  Wrong adj. as they don't varnish anymore & I can't get teh correct term.  If he wants them hung up he'll have to move the bed so I can clean them. No heavy moving for me anymore.  I'll ask him at lunch.  Maybe your letter about housecleaning got me in the mood to clean.

Today it is suppose to rain -- we've had a lot of rain.  The dam is a little above summer level.  We had a nice weekend.  If you did, I bet you worked outside.

Last Sat. the 15th Paula Carey was suppose to move their stuff from Carey's garage -- they have their house in Buffalo now.  T hey changed it to Good Fri. & Lar can't help them.  Mike Brindis can help but not much due to his heart.  Can't lift.  And Dale can't help as he works.  And they have a piano to move onto a truck.  Paul will find out the world doesn't stop for her.  Lar has to go to Erie Fri. aft. to pick up something for his work.

Have a bill to mail so will get this ready to mail.  Happy Easter to all.

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