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Thursday, February 17, 2000

Another nice day before the storm hits us.  No school last Mon. due to ice.  Kim & Torey came over for a cup of coffee to get away from the noise.  What noise, you say.  Lar is removing the floor from their living room & he ash the stereo full blast, even singing along.  He'll add insulation & then put down oak flooring.  Kim figures it will take up to 3 weeks to finish it.  So it will be a mess for awhile.

Dale got a glass door book case but it was damaged on top & bottom -- he got it 1/2 price off.  Nice glass doors.  But he has to have perfection so eh got a piece of oak veneer & will replace the top & bottom.  He used the radial saw Dad bot but it didn't cut good so he was frustrated.  Decided to get rid of it & get something better.  It made a couple of little nicks & Dale can't have that.  Lar will take the desk so Dale got it out of his room & Lar took it.  Once he made up his mind Dale works fast.  This is his early week so after work today he plans to go to Cobbs to see if he can get a matching stain for the replacements.

I haven't watched the Millionaire shows.  They don't appeal to me.  Used to watch "Wheel of Fortune" with Dad but not after he died.  Barb watches those programs & tells me about it.

Finally finished my puzzle with Barb's help.  Have 2 more new ones to do & both look harder.  Put the card table away but might start another puzzle this weekend.  [I did.]

Been checking my recipes.  In March I serve LCW with Marge Woods & looked for a recipe I tho't would be easy as well as delicious.  Can't find it anywhere.  So we decided on serving cake.  I'll make chocolate & Marge will make yellow.  Didn't check my calendar when asked to serve & have an eye appt. in the aft.  But we aren't a large group anymore so it will work out.  Told Dale this will be a froz. dinner meal.  We like the Stouffer's froz. lasagna & the spaghetti is good, too.

Sat. aft.

Nascar racing is back & I'm watching the Busch car race.  Watched the truck racing yesterday & there was an accident - flames, rolled over 11 times.  Not hurt that bad.  Did you happen to see it on the news.  (truck accident)

The reason we went to Janesville -- Dad said that's what we'd do & I followed.  After awhile that changed -- the meekness!   The big storm missed us -- just a little snow & nothing today.  It went south.

Gen called last nite to say Aunt Esther died Fri. A.M. -- congestion in the lungs.  Warren & Barbara Luthgren took care of everything.  There will only be a committal service at the cemetery.  Warren lives in N. Carolina now & won't come for the funeral.  Neither is Barbara -- she lives in Colorado.  So it would be Gen, Ed, Millie & Linda who has a week's vacation & Virginia, another cousin.  Gen said she'd have them back for coffee.

I mentioned that you sent Jeff's project to Cindy & Albert & that they would send it to Hawaii.  Had written Gen & Millie about it.  Millie tho't it was great.

Dale is looking for a new dresser.  Is on his way to Jamestown now.  He plans to start painting soon.  He bo't some shelving for the basement & has it set up.  Looks nice.  Oh yes, he plans to look for some kind of an elec. saw set up at Sears.  Can't remember the correct term for it.

Am enclosing a news article Gen sent.  Forest Park brings back many memories -- skating at Porter Lake, etc.  It must be beautiful to see -- the Christmas lights.


Tim & Lisa Passinger were in church with their new baby Philip.  He slept the whole time.  Has lots of hair.  Born Jan. 8th.

Dale got a new piece of equipment from Sears.  Still don't know the correct term.  Lar came over & helped him carry it in.

Sun. aft. I'm always so tired so I took a nap.  Now all 3 TVs have racing on.

The following is from Rabbi Harold Kushner's "Who Needs God?"

What is the difference between a person who relies only on himself & a person who has learned to turn to God for help?  It's not that one will do bad things while the other will do good things.  The self reliant atheist may be a fine upstanding person.  The only difference is the atheist is like a bush growing in the desert.  If he has only himself to rely on when he exhausts his internal resources, he runs the risk of running dry & withering.  But the man & woman who turn to God is like a tree planted by a stream.  What they share with the world is replenished from a source beyond themselves, so they never run dry.

I like that & that's why we go to church to receive that special faith & strength.  My thought for today.

P.S.  It's a Craftsman table saw Dale got.  Big one.

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