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Saturday, February 5, 2000

Just finished writing to Gen & Millie.  Am waiting for the repair man -- my oven is temperamental.  I turn it on but nothing happens.  Thurs. nite I fixed chicken pot pies & went to put them in the oven & it was cold.  Barb called Lar as Dale worked late & Lar got it to work but we had a later meal.  So I called Lucia's & every other Sat. they have a repair man working & he'll be here this aft.  Fast service.

Thanks for the pictures.  Signe looks good.  Wonder what makes June so unhappy.  Tough not to be wanted by your children.  Mim & Tom's home sounds & looks so nice.  Bet they don't miss the old house at all.  Carolyn's Paul has grown into a nice looking young man.  Over the Buffalo radio I heard the St. Olaf choir would be giving a concert there.  I wonder if Paul sings in it.  Is he a senior or has he graduated.

I was home before my wedding.  Edna had a shower for me.  My Dad & Mom, Edna, Gen & I took the train. Mom & I shared a pullman so I would be rested & she wasn't well.  The others sat up.  It was a Fri. evening wedding on a cold, snowy day.  Never choose Jan. but we had nothing to wait for as Carl was settled & I was ready to be a wife.  The ceremony went smoothly & the reception was at the church.  We had taken our pictures before the ceremony.  Gen was maid of honor & Edna & Signe bridesmaids.  Ford was best man & 2 classmates (Sem.) were ushers.  Afterwards we rode with Min, Lila, & children to Beloit. It was terrible driving & it took a long time to get there -- it was so hard to see.  Then we took their car & drove to Janesville & spent the nite at a hotel there.  I think we were married on a Fri. nite as the next day we returned to Beloit & spent the nite at Min & Lila's.  Then on Sun. Dr. Benander had asked Carl to preach & he did.  Our honeymoon was a train ride back to Auburn.  We had a roomette & I wasn't used to being closed in with a man like that -- dressing, undressing, etc.  My stomach was upset & I couldn't eat -- I know Carl went to the dining car alone but I must have eaten once or twice as it is a long ride.

When we arrived Mr. Strand, a loyal member, met us & took us to their home for breakfast.  I had trouble eating I remember.  Then we finally got to our apt. & I was able to be in the bathroom alone & after that all was well, & we went on to have a happy life.  We had 4 yrs before you were born & Mon. was usually our day off.  Many times we would go to Seattle, shop & have dinner.  We also had great fellowship & get togethers as there were a lot of young pastors & wives just starting out.  But now at times it seems like a dream that we ever lived in Auburn or Gt. Falls.  But we still hear from a couple of friends in each place.  Many have died, naturally.  Dad was well received & loved in each congregation.  None wanted him to leave or retire.  But we wanted to be closer to relative & it was time to retire.  I would do it over again.

I hope your back is OK.  Chiropractors can help.  Both Dad & I went to them & I think Barb has as well.

Your shelving is in if I figure the date right & I know you're pleased.  You have a good start on your "wish list" for 2000.

Repair man is here - part costs some $60.00 + his time but it's something I can't do without.

It doesn't take kids long to learn the tricks, does it.  Taking after their Dad, eh?

Big K had puzzles for 1.99 plus 1.00 off if you took 2.  So I have some new puzzles to put together & a new firm card table.  It had to be ordered (Brand Names) & they called & said they'd hold it for 2 days.  Luckily Dale went into Jtown on Wed.& picked it up for me.  He was going to Dan Gage & there the rug padding was 2.00 cheaper & they have rugs, but they close at 5 pm so he didn't have much time to browse so he's on his way to Gage's this aft.  This is his early week - 7-4.  He saw 2 he likes but it is a light blue, and a burgundy.  He doesn't think the blue is too light.  His shoes are off when he's in his room. Does that mean I have to take my shoes off on Mon. when I change sheets or when I put clean clothes away!

Think my letter is written & it's only Sat.   Got something accomplished while the repair man is here.  Finished my puzzle this A.M.

Back to the wedding.  One friend was to take pictures with his camera but none turned out & we were so disappointed but we do have a movie taken by Signe who had the camera.  We viewed it a few times during the years.  And the phtog. picture.  Still have my wedding dress made by my mom & Edna.  Carl's gift to me were pearls.  I've had them restrung once.  I don't think I gave him a gift - just me!  Dad came to Rkfd on vacation & that's when we met.  All the girls talked about Carl Nelson, unmarried.  We went to a Rkfd Peaches baseball game on a date.  He gave me a diamond after 3 weeks & married after 5 mo.  But I was 24 & he was 29.

Stove working.  Cost 114.90 so that's not bad.  He replaced the part round, round ignitor, & cleaned the burned tubes, which were a little crusted, so better heat.

P. S. #2

One more memory.  The bachelor pastors had spent time at the Grand Hotel in Victoria - think it's an island.  They had a grand time & Dad said he'd take me there but never did.  We spent time in Vancouver, B. C. at a church convention & was able to shop or look.  A classmate Gordon Loren (last to be married) was in Bellingham & we'd visit them & once we had a picnic at a lovely park in Vancouver just above Bellingham. I'm sure you've heard me say sports announcer Verne Lundquist's folks were in Everett & we had good times with them.  Now Mert is on Dialysis (sp) & he was given a year to live & is still alive as of Christmas.

Carolyn just called  - a nice surprise.  She said Signe's family picture has tape on it & spoils the picture & she wondered if I could get our copied & send it to her.  We talked about the party, Signe, etc.  She mentioned Curt is opened to having the reunion at the lake & would look for housing availability for those going.  Maybe I'll think about that - wonder what the dates would be.  Something to dream about.

Hope you can read this epistle.

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