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Tuesday, March 21, 2000

Yesterday I saw Dr. Keverline & got a prescription for glasses.  Left eye OK.  A change in the right eye.  I went to Wrrn.  Vision, over town, for new glasses & got new frames as well.  I don't see Dr. K. for a year.

Today I saw Dr. McNett & all is well except that I gained 5 lbs. in 6 weeks.  I'll have to be good about walking & cutting out sweets.  That will be a tough job.  My thyroid is OK.  Have to have a blood test in 6 weeks, but I don't see the Dr. for 4 months.  He put on the paper that it is a standing order as I'll have to have blood tests from time to time.  Saw 2 gals that I used to work with.  One was 88 yesterday, Martha Mahood, & she has had heart surgery.  Then Sara Lyle, who was there for her 6 mo. check up.  We got caught up on our children, etc. while we waited & talked. 

When I got home I decided to call Rose & tell her about Martha.  We talked for about 1/2 hr.  Next Tues. she goes to Erie to see the Dr. about her back. She never wanted surgery but Karen has been pushing & Rose hurts so much she's ready for an operation.  She doesn't get to church as it hurts to walk.  I'[m so glad Rose is doing this.  She'll know next Tues. the 28th about what will happen.  I'm daughter graduated from Penn State in May.  The youngest starts college next fall.  Karen's daughter has been accepted at Penn State but wants to go to U. of Toronto but hasn't heard from them yet.  They spend vacation in Toronto & love i up there.  She had to take a special SAT test for Toronto.

Do you remember Mrs. Highhouse, a teacher at Beaty.  She died some time ago.  Her husband & Rose have known each other for a long time.  He called Rose & they've been seeing each other.  Out to eat, the Rotary films, etc.  Recently he fell on the ice & broke his clavicle & the tip of his back bone.  Was in the hosp. for a month.  Is home now & might have to go in a nursing home.  Rose will miss him.  Said he has been so good to her.

Called Gen last nite.  John had been on a skiing trip in Switzerland & spent a couple of days in Paris.  Bet he had a good time.  They were expecting him home that nite.

Fri. the 24th.  9 pm.

This aft. we went to the Mall & I got a pair of navy shoes at Bon Ton - on sale.  Barb wants to go to Erie next week Tues. & I plan to go with her.  If I don't feel like shopping I'll sit & watch people go by.  We're never there too long.  A couple of hours shopping & lunch.

My favorite TV programs now are "Trauma, Life in the E.R."  Mon & Tues. nite 8-10 pm.  Wed nite - can't remember the title but it's on forensics & how they solve murders.  Very interesting.  And the things they have to work with today.  It boggles the mind.  Would be an interesting career.

You most likely are in your motel by now.  Tomorrow you'll be in Pa. on the way to Gettysburg.

Last Mon. I meant to mail your letter when I went to the Dr. (eye) but I forgot them so they didn't so they didn't get mailed until Tues. so I don't know if you heard before you left.  If not, you'll have 2 letters to read.

Wed the 22nd, the called from Wrrn. Visions to say my glasses were in.  I got ready & walked over to get them.  I see much better with the right eye now.  That was fast service.

Kim took a personal day today.  They can only accumulate 5 days or they lose it.  She & a friend went to Grove City shopping area for the day.  Same place we went to last year.  The floor is almost finished.  Larry also painted the ceiling & upper walls.  Below the chair rail Lar papered.  One room will be cleaned but the rest of the house is dusty from the work, etc.  A film over everything. 

I've been thinking about Andy -- all good.  If you put him in a room full of strangers, it wouldn't take long for Andy to get acquainted & feel at home.  That is a wonderful attribute.  He's friendly, can carry on a conversation & comes across very favorably.  That is so important in life.  He'll do fine & don't forget he has quite a full schedule for a kid.  You didn't start basketball until 8th grade, wasn't it.  Baseball was a summer thing.

When I was walking home from getting my hair done, I decided I was hungry for potato salad.  So I made some & had it in the fridge by 11.  We even had some for lunch.  It had cooled a bit & tasted good.  And we had it for supper.  Daylight savings starts next week - Apr. 3rd so it's pot. salad time.


After golf was over Barb switched to basketball & it was so exciting I turned to mute.  Can't take it.  Long 2 minutes with the time outs, etc.  Naturally we're rooting for Wisconsin & they won.  Great.  I'm glad the game is over - too nerve racking for me.  Should that be wracking  Too exciting to think.

Tonite Barb &U I grilled salmon on the grill on the front porch.  It was so good.  Dale doesn't like fish too much so he'll grill a steak later.  He likes to eat later.  W hen we grill the fish there is no smell in the house to bother Dale.  Fussy people.  He really isn't.   Anyway we prefer the grilling.

When you get home you'll lose an hour.  It's "spring ahead" time.  For us E.D.T.  Doesn't seem possible it will be nice to have it light longer in the evenings.

Time to bring this to an end.  Bet you enjoyed all the sights during the trip esp. the cherry blossoms.  Bet they were beautiful.

Now it's Mon, the 27th.  I'll keep adding as I won't mail it til later in the week.

Sun. was nice but windy & I walked to the library & got 4 books, one a new author to me.  The Buff. paper reviewed a book by Kate Wilhelm and I found she has many books available.  Nice to find a new author.  Setting of books in Oregon & Calif.  260 pages of easy & interesting mysteries & murder.  Got 2 by Wilhelm, 1 by Sandra Brown & a favorite by M. C. Beaton.  A Hammish Macbeth mystery.  A bumbling country constable who solves murders to the consternation of his superior officer.  They are fun to read.  I'm one of those who prefers to get books at the library rather than buy them.  Library was pretty busy.

Dale painted his ceiling so he's gotten a start.

Wed. the 29th.

We enjoyed the trip to Erie yesterday.  Weather was perfect.  But we didn't find much in the shopping part.  Barb got 2 blouses & I got some underwear & jelly beans, the latter a very important purchase!!

Arlene H. is out of the hospital & in Buffalo with Julie.

Rose called last nite.  She will have the operation the 2nd week of May.  Has some tests to take but she can do them in Warren.  The bone has started to crumble & that will have to come out.

Lar called today & wants me to "babysit" Torey Thurs. aft.  Will bring him over at 11 A.M. & Kim will pick him up after school.  Lar is taking the car to Du Bois for a checkup & also plans to look around at tractors -- I think that's what he said.  Better quit!

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