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Friday, May 12, 2000

Barb & I went to Jamestown -- left at 10:15 A.M.  Went to the Mall, Walmart, K Mart & Wegman's, a grocery store.  We had lunch at the Red Lobster & you get a nice lunch & it's much cheaper than dinner.  Naturally the portions are smaller but plenty for us.  Bon Ton had a lot of sales & both of us got nice tops on sale.  Oh yes, we went to Penneys who are also having sales.  We had a nice outing.

Both Barb & Dale have been working in the yard.  Dale mowed the grass -- it's growing so fast he mows it every 5 days.  We have all the flowers planted & they look so nice.  Barb has a new camera & she plants to take pictures & we'[ll send some..

When we got home Barb said where did the hanging planter come form.  It came when we were gone & it hung on a hook & the card was in the mail box.  It is beautiful -- a fuchsia plant & a beautiful color.  Thanks so much, and for the card & letter, too.  I really like it.

Congratulations to JoAnna for getting to be a delegate to the Dem. Convention in L.A.  What a great experience it will be -- not many get that honor.  I'm proud of you, JoAnna.

Tomorrow, Sat, we are going out to dinner again -- to celebrate Mother's Day, Barb & Lar's birthdays.  We're going to Holiday Inn again as this is Lar's busy time & he likes to work at least until 6 pm.  We go a 7 pm.  But we like the atmosphere & they have a good menu, so it is always an enjoyable time.

We got some cement squares at K Mart for by the back door side of the house.  Barb wanted 8 & on 6 of them Barb put flower pots filled with petunias & on 1 sq. she got a molded rabbit & on the other one we have a small green watering can & a little turtle figure with a frog on top.  It's so cute.  Barb decided on using more pots this year as they don't require as much water.  She has mulched around the beds.  Oh yes, between the squares she planted white alyssum.  When it starts to spread it should look nice.

Careys returned home last Tues.  It was good to see them again.

Barb has started riding her bike again.  Her aim is for 1000 mi. this summer.  She did that last year.

When Lar edges Carey's walk with his gas edger, Dale borrows it & edges ours so it looks so nice.

A father had written to "Dear Abby" about his 2 sons who worked but still lived at home.  The mother didn't make the boys help in any way.  Both parents worked.  The father refused to fold clothes for his wife while the sons sat & watched TV.  But my situation isn't like that at all.  They both want the house & yard to look nice & work at it.  Once I mentioned to Millie that Dale made his own bed (except on Mon. when I change the sheets) & she was surprised.  Abby said they should push the boys out on their own.  Personally I wouldn't like to live alone & in no way could I do yard work & to hire someone would be costly.  So I'm satisfied with my situation.  Someday they'll have to make a change.

I've been sitting on the porch.  The Mets aren't on TV but I'll watch Atlanta & Phila & Phila good pitcher is pitching & maybe Atl. can lose 3 in a row.  They didn't.

Now it's Tues the 16th of May.

I have 4 library books that were due yesterday so you know what I have to do this aft.  So far it's a nice day so a walk will be good for me.

Nice to talk to you on Sun. nite.  We enjoyed our dinner Sat. nite.  A few prom couples were there & they looked nice in their formal dress.  It was nice as there was no rush as there would have been on Mother's Day.

Yesterday I had a blood test so that is out of the way for 6 weeks or so.  The Dr's office will call if there is a need for any pill dosage change.

It's 8:05 A.M. and I should get dressed & start cleaning upstairs.

Will you be able to go to Genevieve's 60th party.  I sent a card.

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