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Saturday, June 3, 2000

Guess what I'm doing -- watching & rooting for the Yankees to defeat Atlanta.

Tonight it's the Mets vs. Tampa Bay.  I like the interleague play.

Kim & Torey stopped over & I told Kim about Dale fixing an air cond. & giving it to Sam.  Another larger one was thrown out & Dale again cleaned it out & he gave it to Sam again.  Kim said "Dale!"  They would have taken it for camp but Dale didn't realize that.  Maybe there will be another one.

Dale is on his way to Jamestown.  Will stop at Kerr's to check out dressers.  Saw one he liked but it was $1,000.00.  Then he'll go to Wal Mart to check out a power spray for cleaning.  Could be used to clean the siding etc.

This week Dale got an industrial rabbeting jointer with stand.  Sent for it from Harbor Freight Tools -- out of Calif.  Weighed over 200 lbs so the delivery man would need help so Dale had him deliver it to Shults -- it came during working hours.  He has a lot of equipment now.

The rug isn't in yet but I think most of the woodwork is painted except the door & window.  It should look very nice when completed.  He hopes to have it in by Sun. the 18th.

We had quite a storm yesterday with almost 2" of rain.  We had some rain in the basement.  I wiped up some of it & Dale finished it.  The rain cooled it off so it's nice.

I really enjoyed "O is for Outlaw".  I've read 2 books about Dr. Kay Scarpetta, Virginia's chief medical examiner by Patricia Cornwell & they are so good.  Finally was able to sit on the porch & read.

Tomorrow the summer schedule starts at church with services at 9:30 A.M.  We have 10 seniors graduating from Warren Hi & they will be honored at the service & at a reception afterwards

There have been a few people looking at Carey's house.  One a young couple with a child between 3-4 & a baby in arms.

Barb plans to ride 100 miles a month on her bike & she accomplished her goal in May.  She has a 10 mi. route -- up the hiking path to the Mall & back Conewango.  She wants to make 1000 miles.  She did last summer.

When we went to the library Barb got some cookbooks we have enjoyed going thru.  Mon. nite LCW has a picnic & I plan to go & will bring a pasta salad with rotini, pepperoni, red onion, kidney beans, grated carrots, peas, & halved cherry tomatoes, sliced mushroom, black lives with Italian dressing.  Kim's friend asked if she had a different pasta salad so I showed her this recipe & she copied it.  I think it sounds good & has a lot of goodies in it & it's easy to put together.  It has an Ital. dressing recipe but I took the easy way -- bot a dressing.

Gen's birthday is the 13th so I'll have to start a letter to enclose in a birthday card.

This A.M. we went to the Mall as Barb as busy all day Fri.  didn't get a coffee cake made so I better get to it now.  Can work & see the game in the kitchen.  More later.

Now it's Sun. June 4th.

More baseball today, racing for Dale & Barb switching between the Mets & Nascar racing.

Yesterday Kim was here for awhile.  Lar got his tractor Fri. aft. & when Kim got home, Lar was up in the garden area trying it out & very pleased with himself.

Enjoyed reading that article on Ridge, our gov.  I know he is well liked in his hometown, Erie, as well as thru out the state.

N.Y. battle for Senator will be interesting with Lazio for the G.O.P.  At 5, I always watch the 5 pm news on Buff. NBC channel as I like their announcers so much.  Male & female plus good weatherman & sports announcers.  All very personable.

Last day of school for Warren Area is Fri the 9th.

Did you plants survive last week's storm. Wis & Minn. were in the weather news a lot.  I'm sure this week's letter will answer my questions.

Dale wasn't successful in his shopping yesterday.  At Kerr's the dresser he likes is till there.  He asked what the cash price would be.  $850.00 but he's not sure he wants to pay that much.

Mon. June 5th.

Today I got a letter from my cousin Warren Luthgren & naturally I was curious.  It contained info concerning Aunt Ester & after being in a home for so long I didn't think there would be anything left.  But the 6 cousins each received a check of $1256.30.  What a nice surprise.  Barb said it could go toward one of our projects:  new roof or new driveway.  I  think I'll keep $256.30 for me as I'd like a suit for fall plus it's nice to have something I don't have to account for.

Saw Karen S. in church & she said Rose is coming along really well.  Is up & doing things.  I'll have to go see her.

Made a pasta salad for LCW's picnic tonite.  It is good & I'll enclose the recipe as you might like it for a potluck.

Oh yes Karen's daughter was accepted at the U of Toronto & is very happy.  She wants to live in the city.  Maybe she'll settle there.  Rick had a chance for a job in Toronto but Karen won't leave Rose on her own.  Rick & another man are developing their own computer business but still has his job at Warren Gen. Hosp.

Decided to make rolls & will take some tonite & they are ready for the oven.  More another time.

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