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Thursday, January 20, 2000

No letter from me this week as I just mailed your letter when I got a blood test today.  It's been too cold & snowy for me to talk to the P.O. box on 5th.  The weather channel says next week will be stormy as well.

I finally ordered a white shirt from Penney's catalogue & I like it.  Couldn't find one in the stores locally.  T hey had a special 25% discount so it was inexpensive.

Barb washed the kitchen floor today & it's nice to have it clean again.

Dale is talking about getting a new rug for his room & painting it (the room!)  He wants to get rid of Dad's desk if he knows what to do with the stuff in the drawers.  He should get a new mattress & springs but he doesn't think so.  We'll see when this happens.  He did look at a rug at the West End place.  Saw one he liked & with a pad would cost 400.00.  Blue & he'd keep the walls the same neutral color.

He also said he might sell the El Camino this spring or maybe the following spring.  He'll be fussy on the buyer as he'd want it kept in good condition.  He'd sell it for at least $5,000.00.  He doesn't think it would be hard to find a buyer.  He could change his mind as he thinks a lot of that car.

Fri. the 21st.

I had my hair done today & it felt good to get out.

Dale thinks he will get the rug & store it in the attic -- before prices go up.  He'll wait til spring to start painting, etc.  He plans to lay the rug himself.  I'm sure he can do it as he did such a good job on the back steps.

We have a leak in a pipe in the basement.  Lar & Dale can fix it & Lar will be over at 1 pm tomorrow.  Tonite Dale started to remove a pipe that we don't need anymore.  Dale got all the necessary pipes, etc. needed. Saves me a lot of money.

Got your letter today.  Thanks for the pictures. The new furniture is so nice looking.  Bet it's real comfortable.  The place where you stayed looked interesting.  You eat well on those trips.

I finished the 4th book in the Jan Karon series.  I've enjoyed them so much. It's like you're reading about friends -- they become almost real.  They're great.  One more to go in this series of 5 books.

Finished putting together one puzzle & started on the next one.  Gen called & she said Millie likes to do puzzles & was working on one.

Sat. evening.

Dale is still working in the basement getting it in order as they had to move things.  The old pipe wasn't on a slant so sludge built up.  The new pipe is on a slant & should give no problem.  Lar was here only a couple of hours.

Tonite Lar & Kim are going moonlight skiing with Nancy & Jay & then back to Endres' for pizza.  Don't think they'll be out too long as it's COLD outside.

Mon. we're supposed to go out to lunch - Bensons, Hollertz, etc.  I haven't made reservation because of the weather & on a Mon. they won't be that crowded.  We always go to the Holiday Inn.

I had a letter from Linda (cousin) & was surprised.  Reason:  Larry's youngest son has a school project - we are asked to send a postcard & a little about where we live.  Linda tho't I could do that & suggested I send it on to you so be prepared to tell about Middleton & find a postcard.  Linda started it out.  All instruction are in there.  Barb got interested in it & will do the project.  Give a little history of Warren; the 1st oil well, the Dam.  You'll get to see it.  Checking it over again I see you are to send a card to the teacher with teh child's name so they check the places on the map now.  I think it's a great project for the  children.  Kim was going to tell Betsy who teaches at Home School about it.

Now it's Mon.

Had a nice time with "the gang". There were 7 of us - Ray Forstrum's weren't' there.

Barb has the "project" finished & it sounds good.  I have to get a mailing folder & then it will be sent to you for your "contribution".

Tomorrow Barb is taking the A.M. off & we'll go to the Mall.  I have a long list of things to get...mostly at Big K.  I get soap & paper products there - their brand is cheaper & just as good.

Soon supper time.

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