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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

I'm sure you noticed the Brewers beat the Braves.  The only bad thing about it, the Mets go to Atlanta & I'm sure the Braves will be thinking "We can beat those Mets."  Fri. nite it will be Smoltz against Pedro M.  But it won't be on TV for us to see.  At least the Mets are still on top in their division.

In the paper there was an article about the Indian tribes building golf courses near their casinos to draw more people.  This one was in Minn.  They are well planned courses & people love to play them.  (My mind works faster than the pen.)  They don't make money but people are drawn to the casino & most likely can't resist a little gambling.

I made a new blueberry coffee cake recipe & it is a good one.  It called for 3 cups of flour so I used my angel food pan to bake it.  Dave gave his approval.

Warren & Anna came to Warren today & after his dental appt., they picked me up & we had lunch at the Plaza.  Warren suggested we go there.  The bad thing is that the lady in the next booth smoked & that spoiled it for me.  And I don't think their food is as good as it used to be.

I see that Favre will be back with Green Bay for another year.

I can't get over how much Eddie has changed since I last saw him.  I didn't recognize him at first & then realized it was Eddie.  You have 2 handsome sons.  And nice ones as well.

Last Sun. we had a meeting after church to discuss the organ.  Ants (carpenter) have gotten into the organ chamber & eating at the parts.  Ants have been seen in the kitchen so an exterminator was called & when all the ants are gone they will have to take out some of the pipes, clean up the dust & insulate that part of the roof with foam that sets, to hep the situation.  Then replace the pipes, tune the organ, etc.  Cost around $3,000.  Albert Johnson left money to the church to be used for music, so they have that to use.  Never thought ants would bother the organ.

Nothing much on TV that interests me so I turned to the History Channel & am watching a program on concrete & its uses.  Doesn't sound interesting but it is.

About 6 weeks ago Barb saw a top she liked & said I could get her that for her birthday.  It was on sale, I got it, put it aside & after she opened her birthday gifts, she said "where is my top".  I had forgotten & on top of that couldn't remember where I put it.  Finally yesterday Barb found it in a bag behind my bed.  Another senior moment!!

Today Warren said he left his wallet at home on the dining room table.  He couldn't understand why he did that.  Anna had money.  See what you have to look forward to!!!

Last Sun. Dale went to Jamestown & Sam Baughman called from N. Carolina & he wasn't here so I talked to him for a few minutes.  He & his wife were at the beach & just wanted to rub it in a little.  They like living down there with the warm weather.  I told him when you're in the middle of a hot spell in the summer, you will miss our cooler breezes.  He didn't think so.

Back to Warren & Anna.  They are concerned about their future if something should happen to stop them from their travels, or if one is left alone.  They think I'm lucky to have Barb & Dale with me.  I am, but I still hope they will find someone to love.

Back to my program, they can recycle concrete to make more concrete.  That is interesting.  Frank Lloyd Wright used a lot of concrete in his day.  It is happening more today in house building.

Thurs aft. Apr 27

Your letter came today & I read it eagerly to see the details of your operation.  I'm glad you told me all the details, catheter & all.  By now, you are feeling much better & are realizing it's not that bad.

Made a banana cream pie for dessert tonite.  We're having stuffed pork chops, Andy's favorite.

Better get busy.

Glad things are going so well.

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