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Saturday, August 19, 1995

Colorado Springs for Albert and Cyndi's wedding

This A.M. it was cool enough to bake so I made an angel food cake to go with fresh peaches.

Just put the A.C. on.  We got the elec. bill & compared to last yr. the bill is 20.00 higher.  Well worth to have it comfortable.  You should consider it.

Got your letter Fri & I can just see Eddie "doing his thing".  Did you get it on video.

Beaty property has been sold to a local Dr.  In this A.M.'s paper there is a notice of an auction for the 26th.  One interesting point - parking available at St. Paul Luth.  It made me think back to when we were building & how they gave us some problems.

Barb has an Audi 4000 - '87 to drive now.  Has a sun roof & was painted & cleaned up inside.  Looks very nice.  It is owned by Lynn & Bob but it's for Barb to use to pick up Marisa from school, to pick up Scott from his classes, etc.  Bob's father did this but he is now 70 & didn't care to do all this running.  She took care of Scott Fri overnite & Sat til 1:30 pm.  He has gotten to be a mama's boy but he was good & barb was able to take him to Beaty to play in the sand box, to feed the ducks, to throw rocks into the stream at Lar & Kim's.  So now we have another car to park in the driveway.

Ruth called again to keep us up on Signe.  They (Ruth, Lila, Mim) wanted to go in to see her but Carolyn said to wait a week.  Lila didn't like it at all but I can understand that it is hard to have a lot of company when Signe is recovering from a stroke.  Maybe this week they can see her.  Signe is mixed up as she said she was waiting for Rudy to visit & would look out the window to try & find their car.

I traced your route in the map so was glad to have you write about it.  Sounds like it will be a busy but great week.

Last nite's Met-Dodger game was full of surprises.  #1 - Brett Butler is a Dodger.  Again #2 - Mets winning the game with a suicide squeeze.  It happened so fast I couldn't believe it.  Mets Win!!  Th ere's hope for the future with the young ones coming up.

It was nice getting that phone call from Andy.  My baseball pal!

Now it's Sun. Aug 27th.  Edna's birthday.  Called her & we talked awhile.  Gen, Millie, & Edna went out to lunch for Edna's treat.  Before going back to Gen's for cake, she took them around E. L. to see all the big homes that are being built.   Edna wondered where the money was coming from.  They are building a new road parallel to Ed & Gen's back property.  Wonder if they'll want to sell off any of it.  Johnny will be in for a nice inheritance.  They have enjoyed their pool with this summer's heat.  T hey keep the filter going so their elec. bill was close to 150.00 for a month.

How was the ball game - your team won, Paul.  The Mets have been doing very well with the young players but they lost this aft.  The Yankees lost 8 in a row but are ahead as of 7 pm  today.

Last Fri. Barb & I went to Jamestown as she had the week off.  We had lunch at Red Lobstser & then shopped.  Went to the new KMart & it is a large one.  We found our favorite cake at Wegman's, a poppy seed almond cake.  Delish!  Also got 2 coffee cakes at our favorite Swedish Bakery.

Larry & Kim took Mon & Tues off the preceding week.  Went to the State Park in N.Y. whose name I never can remember.   Picnic lunch - hiked, etc.  Tori was able to go with them.  Tues. they went to Erie shopping - for themselves & the new house.  Spent about $900.00.  Then they went to Presque Isle & had a nice day.  Tori was with us most of the day.  Nancy, her friend, had him for awhile.  Kim doesn't like to leave him alone & we like having him.  This past week Dad got a haircut from Jerry Howgard - you can have an appt. so he didn't have to wait around.  Lar would give him a trim & I'd try but professional is best.

The new neighbors haven't moved in yet - sometime this week.  It must be all settled as there is a sold sign on the sign.

School starts tomorrow, the 28th.

We heard Johnsons (Walter) asked 82,000 for the house but have come down.  Even 75,000 is a lot, I think, as there haven't been any improvements for years.  Paul J. told us that.  I'm sure a new kitchen & bath are needed.

Ruth called last Sun. to keep us up to date on Signe.  They weren't sure but maybe she is home by now.

Next summer Bonaces plan to get their house painted & he told us he has 2 bids & both around 2700.00 & he plans to do around the windows himself.  We need to have our house painted or vinyl sided.

Once when we were at Lar's & the men were working on the house, I talked to the one in charge about siding.  He gave me his card & said to call him for an estimate so maybe we will this fall when things are slower.

Better close - with love to all.

P.S.  Soon Sept. 15 so be on the lookout for a birthday pkg.  Not for awhile yet.  Just an alert!

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