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Tuesday, April 30, 2002

I'm getting my hair done on Thurs. this week as later in the aft. I get my picture taken for a pictorial book for church.  So I'd better get to writing a letter.

The furnace is still running & it feels good to have the heat.

In my casserole cookbook there is a recipe using tortellini in a cheese sauce.  I tried it tonite but the more I thought about it the more I doubted the cheese sauce.  I used a spag. sauce & added cheese.  Barb really liked it & so did I.  This is Dale's late Tues so I'll find out later what he likes.  Very easy to fix!

I finally wrote to Darla & I got a letter from her on Fri. last week.  She said write soon so I'll try.  They had visited in Okla. & Texas on Chance's spring break.  Darla's boys & Jerry (Darla & Gerald's) will be visiting them this summer.  She said something about building a retaining wall so they can park the car better next winter.

I got the Mets cap for Eddie & will mail it when I mail the letters.  Found one at Penney's last Fri.

When taking the picture, they recommend wearing long sleeves.  I didn't want to wear a winter outfit so I found a navy jacket & slacks.  Not a fitted jacket, light weight materials with sleeves that fold up.  I'm sure JoAnna knows what I'm talking about.  Will be nice with other outfits it it's cool.  They are very popular & in many colors.  It feels good on me.

While I write this I'm enjoying a cup of coffee & your favorite "store bot" cookies.  Frosted oatmeal.  I like to have coffee and ..... after the kitchen is cleaned up.

I watched Montreal's hockey team beat the Boston Bruins last nite to take the series.  Score 2-1.  It was an exciting finish & I was rooting for Montreal.

I've also enjoyed watching the Braves get beat (poor grammar) & lay like they did in the 80s.

At work, they threw away an old TV.  Dale spotted it & rescued it.  Fiddled around with it & got it to work.  I guess that one semester at school taught him a lot.  He seems to be able to fix almost anything.

He's doing another transmission job for someone at work. Only it wasn't worth fixing.  Last Sat he went to Seaman's to look for parts.

Dale found some Oatmeal Graham Crackers at Big Lots.  We still have an opened pkg. of regular ones, so I haven't tasted them yet.

Last Thurs. Kim said "29 more days until school is over."  Teachers count the days as well as students.

We were discussing what to get Lar for his 50th birthday.  Kim said he loves the cherry beer served at Liberty St. Cafe & available at one of the places in Warren.  The catch -- it is expensive & comes only by the case @ $100.00  So we decided to go together & get him a case as he would like that & yet wouldn't expect it.  Lar also had it at a friend's home -- the one who bot the Dr's home on 4th Ave - whose name I can never remember.

Wed.  A lovely day so I walked over to the bank & cashed a check.  Also sent the pkg. for Ed. to the library.

Dale said he'd mow the lawn tonite -- more showers are forecast for tomorrow.  But Sat. is suppose to be a lovely day.  Returned library books today, but didn't get any new ones.  Maybe on Sat. I'll take a walk.  The Dam is at summer pool level measure so we've had a lot of rain & that will help.

Noticed today that Northwest Savings is putting a new front on the old Levinson's facing Liberty St.  Like an overhang -- curved & a copper color.  Hard to explain but maybe there will be a picture in the paper once it is complete.  They are trying to get owners to update their buildings.

Bert will be home next Mon. so Barb is finishing up painting & getting the kitchen in order.  She'll also get groceries so Bert will have food on hand.  Barb bro't home one of the drawers to work on here.  Must be as old as the house.  Metal & it is rusted.  At least it will be cleaner with new paint & new contact paper in the drawer bottom.

May is here today.  Hard to believe it.  The Phillies are playing at San Fran this aft.  It's on ESPN.

Soon time to think of dinner plans.

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