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Monday, October 6, 2003

I'm beginning to feel like myself again.  A week ago I quit taking the last pills the Dr. prescribed. I did the most work today I've done in a long time.  But I didn't get a meal -- I ordered pizza which was fine with Barb & Dale.  Fixed salad & Dale & I had root beer.  Barb a beer.

Last nite I didn't turn out the light til 11 pm.  Why so late you ask -- had to see the end of the Cubs beating the Braves.  How wonderful.  Would have liked to call to "bug" Andy but I had to get to bed.  This is Dale's early week.  I didn't wake til 5:47 when I heard a noise.  Dale had already had his shower.  Cubs all the way, I hope!  What a thrill for the team & their fans.  There were 15,000 fans at Atlanta rooting their team on.  They know tickets are scarce in Chicago & wanted to see the team in action.  Barb heard some announcer say if the Braves lose, changes will be made.  (The Mets are still my team.)

When Careys moved, Mr. C gave me a fern plant & it was on the porch all summer & really grew.  Now it's in the dining room & I hope it will last.  I don't do well with live plants.

Sun I have to flowers for church services -- I pay for them  -- & they will have flowers for the Sat. ordination.  They want larger bouquets so the church will add to the price & get larger than usual flowers.  They'll be for Sat & Sun.  If you don't want the flowers they bring them to shut ins.  I suggested one for Rose & they suggested the pastor get the other & that is fine with me.

The exercise walker in the basement was getting noisy & slow.  Barb tho't about buying one.  Dale looked at it -- motor fine.  A new belt was needed & he got a belt, put it on & now it works fine.  My iron must have a short as it is temperamental so Dale will check it out.  Maybe I won't need a new one.

Is Boxer allowed out now that he was missing for awhile.

Last Fri. was my first time at Sheila & Sue's new salon.  It is so bright & cheery & you can see outside now. They appreciate that after time in the basement.  All the equipment was left as it has been a beauty shop for a long time.  In fact, .Sheila started working there after her training.  So they just had to paint & clean it.  I'm sure they will do well.

Thurs. the 9th

We've had a couple of beautiful days & are enjoying the sunshine.

We've also enjoyed the baseball games.  Was glad the Yankees got beat last nite & I hope Boston can keep it up.

Scott isn't doing that well in school & might have to go in a learning disabled class.

Made a spice cake for dessert tonite & baked it in a bundt pan & part of it didn't come out of the pan.  But I can still use it -- it came out good to the taste but not to the eye.  I'll tell Lar & Dale to eat it with their eyes closed!!

Dale fixed my iron -- a broken wire & he fixed Barb's.  Also a broken wire.   He also changed the oil in our car.

Bert is going to a Columbus Day party & it's a costume party & she's having a hard time thinking up what to wear.  Barb had to take her to the Mall twice to find things.  She can't see very well to drive anymore.

We got Andy's thank you's. Sounds like his Jr. & Sen. years of football will be very interesting.

The puzzle I'm doing is a pumpkin scene with a farmhouse.  The colors left are shades of orange & shades of green & it is harder to match pieces.  It's about 3/4 completed.

Seeing you won't be home for your birthday, maybe you'll celebrate the Sun. before.  I'll have your pkg. there earlier.

Fri. Oct 10

Lar & Kim didn't leave until 9 pm last nite.  We sat around the table talking.  Kim couldn't believe it when she asked the time.  After I cleaned up, I relaxed in my chair & fell asleep so I went up to bed & slept good.  Now I'm set to get my hair done.  I don't do much on Fri -- or any other day.  Just what is needed.

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