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Sunday, October 19, 2003

I just finished the last of the choc. cake & I want to start a letter before I start the dishwasher.

Don't think I wrote this but I found a recipe for apple bread, made it & it is very good. fBoth Barb & Dale like it.

Today Barb & I got 2 boxes ready to send to you, Paul.  We'll mail them tomorrow.  I figure you'll want y our birthday celebration early, since you'll be in Milwaukee on the 29th.

Our pastor had her first service today & all went well, except there are too many empty pews.  I hope people will be curious enough to come & hear Pastor Beth.  Her first funeral yesterday for H. Ford.  We also had left over turkey today.  I put stuffing in a dish, layered turkey over it & gravy over all.  Heat it in the oven.  Dale will eat leftovers that way & of course in a sandwich.

I was so happy last nite when the Marlins won the first game.  I watched it in bed (the last inning) & it was nail biting.  The closer for the Marlins was so slow.  Barb says it should have been the Cubs vs. Boston if the mgr. had taken the pitchers out when they started to falter, or tire.  I agree.

Fri. Barb & I got flu shots at Crone's.  Just a little prick & no after effects.

Mon. the 20th

Last Sat. nite Dale went to a wedding at the Eagle's Club.  The mgr. of the Parts Dept. & a car saleswoman got married.  He is 30 & she is around Dale's age with a grown family.  They met when she started working at Shult's.  He enjoyed himself (Dale).  Buffet dinner.  They were downstairs & later Dale went upstairs for the music.  Finally the loud music got to Dale & he came home some time after 10 pm.  When he was getting ready he didn't know what to wear to be more dressed up.  I told him he should spend some of his money & get a sports jacket.  He did get a good pair of work boots at Valone's.  Close to $150.00  He just came back from shopping at KMart.  He bot'a pair of loafers to wear around the house.  Tom McCann &U only 29.00.  Be more like a slipper.

I got my summer clothes put away in thte attic this aft.  Took down some winter things. Haven't gotten to my closet.  Some of them I'll give to Goodwill (a place outside the Mall in the area of Shults).  Salvation Army closed their store.  I'll never be small enough to wear some of my slacks & it's no use having them around.

Tues. pm Oct 21

Called Gen as I hadn't heard from her for awhile.  John's hot water tank leaked so John had to get a new one.  She sounded good.

Today (aft) we went to the Mall -- KMart, then to Quality for groceries, & to CVS for medication.  Barb said I should go to KMart pharmacy but I like CVS & it isn't that many extra minutes to go there.  We weren't gone more than a hour anyway.

I did quite a bit of work yesterday so I took it easy after I spent an hour ironing a shirt for Dale & the clothes of mine.  I washed yesterday. I have 3 sizes of slacks -- 12 - 14 - 16. Now I'm wearing size 14.

I have a suggestion & it should save a little money after finding out how much postage is.  I wouldn't mind a Penney's gift certificate.  I could use it for towels or a set of sheets or if I see something personal, I could get that.  I'm sending cash except for little gifts to open. At their ages I'm sure the boys enjoy money so they can get what they want.

Thurs Oct 23

Today I used a new idea (cookbook) for a sandwich.  I sauteed green pepper & onion til soft. When Dale got home, I added eggs & milk & made scrambled eggs   I didn't have the correct bread it called for so I used rolls.  Put cheese on the rolls, melted it in the toaster oven & then added the eggs.  Dale liked it & so did I. Nice to have something different. Have a couple of other ideas.

Tonite we're having stuffed pork chops, apple sauce, corn pudding & pot. & apple pie for dessert.

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