Friday, February 22, 2013

Saturday, November 22, 2003

I'm watching golf from S. Africa, the President's Cup.  Interesting to watch but I'll try to start a letter.

Thurs. aft. Warren H. called & asked if I wanted to go to Jamestown with them on Fri.  We drove around the lake, then to Top Market to buy Bon Oost cheese, Swedish, which is only 3.98 lb. compared to what sells in Kane for about 10.00 lb.  She got 5 big ones -- one for each child & they 5th for them to have.  It's their turn to have the family for Thanksgiving.  On Fri. they celebrate Christmas & eat Swedish food.  On Sat. they go for pizza & plan to stay overnite in a motel & then they all head for home:  to Hartford, Nantucket, Pittsburgh & Cincinnati.  Warren & Anna are alone at Christmas but spend it with friends.  After Tops we went to Ecklof's Bakery.  Warren asked about an eating place.  The fellow said to try the Marina Pier in Celeron.  So we backtracked to Celeron & because it was only 5:30 we got in without reservations. Anna had salmon & Warren & I chose talapia.  All meals were excellent & we enjoyed it so much.  I got home about 7:30 after a nice afternoon.

Your box sits in the dining room -- we should get it off this week.  Just needs to be sealed up.  Thanks for Andy's pictures.  Finally one with a nice smile.  A very nice picture.  He sure has changed.  A young man.

I can imagine how thrilled you are to receive those 2 large gifts of money.  Maybe more will come in before the end of the year for tax breaks.

The weather channel says Mpls. should have a blizzard tomorrow, Sun.  So I suppose our nice warm weather will come to an end.  Wore just a jacket yesterday --a red one, given to Barb by Bert but it's a better fit for em.

I'm glad you're letting the boys have the PlayStation weekends!  I recommend:  "Don't lose your cool."  It's not worth it.

This A.M. Dale washed & waxed his white car.  Buffed it, etc. & it really shines.  That's not work for Dale.  Then off to Jamestown & his favorite stores.

Wed. Nov. 26

The morning was shot -- saw the new Dr. at 10 A.M. & got an appt. for Feb. for a check up. And I didn't see the Vietnamese Dr.  Guess Dr. Clifford wanted a new patient.  He seems nice.  He has a desk computer (correct name?) & had all the old info before him & I imagine anything new went in also.

So this aft. I'm making rolls & am trying a new cookie recipe.  The cookie dough is chilling in the fridge & rolls rising on the stove.  I also plan to cook the sweet pots. today.  I'm marking scalloped pot. & ham for supper & that is easy.  And fresh green beans.

Dale took  the big box to work & UPS will get it there saving Barb & me a trip.  But there are 2 small boxes to go -- maybe on Fri.

I've been watching the weather channel to check On. Dec 1st weather.  It sounds like the weather will be OK to go to Erie.

Thanksgiving Day is soon over & it was a good day.  The turkey was tender & tasty as well as the rest of the meal.

Now I'm taking it easy & watching a choir on PBS & it's very good.  I didn't see it at the beginning but it must be a college choir.  BYU choirs & orchestra.

Now I'm watching the Weather Channel, hoping Mon. will be a good day.

Not much news in this letter.  I'm ready to fall asleep so I'll close for this time.

Lar & Kim have been to the restaurant I went to with Warren & Anna.  They liked it.

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