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Saturday, November 8, 2003

I'm glad to be sitting down.  Barb said we'd go to the Mall this A.M. so I didn't start baking. After lunch I got a coffee cake in the oven, started dinner rolls & made an apple crisp.  Now I'm almost thru.  The bell should go off for the last 2 pans.  While the rolls were baking I had a cup of coffee & a piece of warm apple crisp.  Umm.  Very tasty.

Yesterday I saw Dr. McNett for the last time.  Joyce O'Connor took me for a 2 pm appt & I got to see him around 3 pm.  People wanted to talk too long with him.  My blood pressure was good & so was my heart beat.  He felt maybe the new medication he gave me last time took my blood pressure down too fast & that caused my problems.  I imagined all sorts of things but with things OK that calms my mind.  It has a great power over a person. I thanked him for all he has done for Dad & me.  He gave me a hug before I left.  He recommended Dr. Nguyen -- pronounced "when".  He is Vietnamese, bro't up in Texas & has a Texas accent.  Dr. tho't I would like him.  Dale's Dr. was filled up.  T here are 4 Drs & they have an office in Pleasant Twp.  I have an appt. for Nov. 26 a 10 A.M. to get acquainted.  My records will be forwarded to Dry Nguyen.  So I have a new experience ahead of me.  It was a long wait for Joyce but she understood.  We went to supper at Ponderosa in the Mall.  We each had the salad bar & they had a good selection.  We walked a little bit but Joyce isn't a shopper.

We have clear skies & cold weather.  Winter coat time.

I read every word of the Bookworm.  Ken Mack must have been quite young when he died. Too bad he couldn't have lived longer to enjoy the fruits of his efforts.  But what a nice contribution to the library.  Enjoyed reading the bio of the library's pages.  Also about the lib. board chairman.  Lets me know more about your position.  Enjoyed reading about Chautauqua County.  The first I've heard of it.  Nothing in the Buffalo newscasts & we don't get the Jamestown paper.  I didn't even look to see if I had made any plans for supper.  I try (half-heartedly) to make plans for the week so I wont' be in the situation I'm in.  Tired & don't know what to have for super.  Luckily there is always Pizza Hut.

Dale put the glass insert in the front door today & the extra glass for the windows in his & my bedrooms. It helps a lot.

I lost 7 lbs & the Dr. wondered why & how my appetite is.  For awhile I didn't each much breakfast but that phase is over.  But I'd like to keep those pounds off.  But will I give up my coffee breaks -- that is the question!

I'm waiting for golf to come on -- The Ohio State-Mich. State game is going on too long. Penn State couldn't even score.  In the 1st half they were close to the end zone a couple of times & couldn't even kick a field goal.  And Wi. lost -- we switched back & forth between games.  (And Miami lost again.  There is a little talk that Joe (Penn State) should retire. Barb says they need a good QB.  You'd think at 76 he'd want to take it easier.  Guess some people find it hard to give it up.

Wed. Nov. 12

I'm making a new recipe -- Italian Bow Tie supper.  It has gr. beef, onions, tom. sauce & diced tom.  Then you add pasta, thawed spinach & mozzarella cheese.  I tho't it sounded good.  Also spices.  Time will tell.

Remember I mentioned Kim Schuler wanted to buy the house (empty) north of Bert's.  He kept after the absent owner & she finally said yes.  So now it is his & he hopes to bring it back to its former glory.  There is a lot to do.

We went to Jamestown last Mon.  Ate lunch at the Red Lobster.  I didn't find much -- a pink cotton blouse with cuffs & a navy sweat shirt with a Christmas design on the front.

Bert had company last weekend from Madison.  Relatives.  He works for the Dept. of Health & Human Services.  Barb said they are nice people.  Barb mentioned JoAnna working at the Capitol & Paul being library dir. in Middleton.  Their names art Myrt & Tom Seiger.

Larry called yesterday for Dale but it was the Tues. he worked til 8 pm.  He called again -- his truck wouldn't start -- on East St. but it sas too late for Dale to help.  Some people at work would ask Dale to work on relative's cars after work.  He'd get paid but he doesn't need extra money & he doesn't like to work on cars after working on them all day.  Of course he'll help Lar.  Mike Brindis waned Dale to work on his car but he didn't.

The former beauty shop closed as of Sat. the 8th.  Jerry couldn't make it without Sheila & Sue.  He is going to become a Schwan salesman.  It is just the opposite for Sheila & Sue -- they are doing very well.

Thurs. Nov. 13

We had snow today that stuck to the trees.  Making them so pretty.  Barb had to shovel at Bert's but we didn't have to.

Thanksgiving is 2 weeks from today.  We'll have the usual menu & Kim said she'll bring pumpkin & pecan pies & a green bean casserole.  I said only 1 pie is necessary but she wants to bring both.  We'll eat about 5 pm.

Sat. Barb is going to Erie alone.  I don't care to go .  Barb wants to look for some tops & she'll stop at Target also.  I'm sure it will be crowded & I never seem to find anything I really like.

Lar's truck needed a new starter.  The first one he got wasn't the right kind.  Today he finally got the new starter in . It wasn't a hard job & it saved him a lot of money.  As it was it cost him close to $175.00.  If he would have had it done, it would mean a towing job plus the cost of starter & the cost of having it done -- labor.

Things are fine here.

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