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Friday, August 29, 2003

Before I got my hair done, I went to CVS & picked up a refill prescription  had my hair done; & went to the bank for Sept. expenses.  After I put it in each envelope (food, hair, spend, etc.)  Then Barb & I went to Jamestown.  No decent styles for older women.  Sears now has Lands End & I got a pair of those 29.50 shoes they advertise.   Good for bad weather. Ordered a pair last yr. & the size was way too big.  The 8 1/2 B fit perfectly.  Barb got a pair of light purpose jeans at Penney's.  Stretch material.  I looked for a birthday gift for you Paul, but nothing appealed to me.  So I plan to send money for birthday & you can choose your own sweater or shirt or whatever appeals to you.

We got the Penney's Christmas catalogue this past week.  If you have suggestions, please sent them.  Otherwise it will be money & yo can buy for the boys or they can spend it at after Christmas sales.

Barb & I have talked bout going out to lunch or dinner & we finally went tonite.  I told Dale I wasn't preparing dinner -- I needed a vacation -- & the 3 of us went to Chiodo's.  Dale & I had steaks & Barb had the fish fry.  I had coconut cream pie.  I really celebrated!  They have good food.  Laurie Heckler was our waitress.  Danny is a senior in college & Allison a senior at Warren.  She is a good athlete & has the body for it.

The Mets had a great series against the Braves.  Last nite's game was so exciting.  The Mets made 2 errors in the 9th inning & I thought they'll lose.  "O ye of little faith".  They wont the game 3-1, as well as the series.

Tonite the Braves are at Pittsburgh & in the 3rd inning the Pirates lead 3-1.

Dale has found things in the attic he forget he had.  All the instruction sheets of the stereo equipment he bought.  He saved magazines & now he realizes he needs to get rid of them. Someone in Sugar Grove takes paper, plastics, etc.

Sat Aug. 30

Made an apple pie & our favorite choc. cookies this A.M.  The heat of the oven felt good as it turned cool.  We had burgers & corn on the cob for supper.  Soon I'll have pie & coffee.  I'm watching the Mets vs. Phila.  Thankfully the rain is over.  The field is wet as they had an aft. rain .  The Mets lost last nite but no score yet in the 3rd inning.

Watched the W.V.-Wisc. game this aft. & fell asleep so I missed the winning score for Wisc.  I'm back in my 2nd childhood -- as kids if we were going to stay up past our bedtime, we had to take a nap.  My bedtime is usually 10 pm  & I'm ready to get up at 6 A.M.  Tonite's game is going fast so maybe I won't stay up past my bedtime.

Labor Day

By choice, this was my regular duty day to change Dale's bed, 3 load of wash & because it is rainy & cool, I made a coffee cake & dinner rolls.  The kitchen is cleaned up & I'm watching the Mets play Atlanta.  A little rain but I hope it can be a complete game.  Right now it is 202.

Tues the 2nd.

When Dale came home for lunch today he was a little upset.  He was told he has to go to school in Rochester for 3 days.  He would have to leave after work.  He left about 6:45 & should be there by now.  He won't be home til Fri.  They provide the car & it was a van.  It was that or a Neon & he preferred the van. These sessions have something to do with trucks. He told me but I can't remember.

Again I'm watching Braves vs. Mets, on TBS.  The Mets won Sun. & are ahead 2-1 but it's only the 6th inning & a lot can happen.

Wed the 3r4

I got the glassware in the dining room washed this A.M.  so the things open to the eye are clean & shiny.

This aft. I'm watching the Mets-Brave game on ESPN and it looks like the Mets will take the series.  6-1 in the 8th.  Trachsel is pitching -- one more inning to go & he'll have pitched the entire game.  That doesn't happen very much anymore.


Not much is happening here.  Lar & Kim were here.  Torey missed Dale to give him treats. He got them from Lar & Kim.  Finally nice weather in coming.

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