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Saturday, January 10, 2004

Fri. after I had my hair done, Barb & I went to the library.  She get videos & I get books. Started reading "Whispers at Midnight" by Karen Robards Fri. aft. & finished it this A.M.  It was so good.  She writes so you can form a picture in your ind & some situations were so funny.  I had to laugh out loud.  Also got "Yesterday" by Fern Michaels, & found an author new to me.  Pat Booth's "American Icon".

Then we went to the Mall.  Barb had a check to cash.  Dale gave her money for Christmas & she found an expansive sweater marked down .  It is a deep rose & looks good on her.  I just got some necessary items for the medicine cabinet.

Barb wants to go to Jamestown Mon. as it is suppose to warm up Sat & Sun before it turns cold again.

Did some baking this A.M. -- apple bread & pumpkin pie, a favorite we don't tire of.  After lunch I took a nap -- tonite I want to watch the first half of the New England-Tennessee game & it will be a freezing night.  The first game comes on at 4:30 p.m. in about 20 min.  Been watching the East-West Shrine game at San Fran.  East is getting whipped.

Bert is still in NYC.  Doctoring.  She won't be home until the end of the month.  Barb isn't working that much.  Bert said she'll make up the hours when she gets home as she'll  need Barb more then.

Scott has a girlfriend in 6th grade & he really "loves" her.  She is cooler to him.  Lynn didn't let him join the ski club -- they go to Peak n Peek & most of his friends did.  Now she regrets it.  They were suppose to ski yesterday but it would have been very cold. We don't know it they postponed it.

Tues.  Warren Hi had a bomb scare & they have to evacuate the school, so they are taken by school bus to Beaty.  It disrupts both schools.

Officials are very upset as well as teachers & even students.  They had an assembly at Warren telling what could happen if caught.  In this A.M. paper Judge Millen had an article telling what could happen -- they'd be treated as an adult & it wouldn't be easy on the persons.  Why are kids so stupid.


Carolina won & I was rooting for them.  Now it's time for the 2nd half on NEVS Titans & N.E. leads & I'm rooting for them.  I'm ready for bed -- sitting my in my chair with an afghan covering me.  Keeps me cozy warm.  And my elec. blanket is on so my bed will be warm when I get to bed. Will stay up til 11pm.

Mon the 12th

This A.M. Barb & I went to Jamestown.  It was a messy drive but the weather was warmer . Went to JoAnne's Fabric to look at yarn.  Barb needed more for her afghan.  She is also planning to make one for Marisa for graduation.  Bon Ton was closed for inventory.  Both of us bot a top.  Barb's is for wear now.  Mine is for spring & summer, tow ear with slacks.  We stopped at Walmarts so Barb could look for yarn & I must looked around.  Got a puzzle & a few other things.  We ate lunch at Davidson's.  Barb had the fish fry & I had the broiled fish & their fish is so delicious.  Barb went to Wegman's for groceries & I went into KMart.  Home about 1 pm.  After my soaps  leaned the bathroom & finishedthe washing.  Got 1 load done before we left, had one in the washer & did the 3rd load after I cleaned the bathroom.

This is Dale's early week - 7:30 - 4:00 pm.  He didn't get home 'til 7 pm.  Why? - he rotated the tired, changed the oil, etc.  Then he cleaned up his area -- couldn't stand the mess any longer.  Since we had our meal at noon, Dale had to have a frozen dinner.  He'll have a chicken pot pie & salad.  HJ e usually has ice cream before bedtime.

Bet you were unhappy Gr. Bay lost.  We were rooting for them.  I'd like Indy to go all the way. They are fun to watch.

Wed A.M. the 14th

It is cold!  Just put 2 bags of garbage out for Thurs. pick up.  Glad I don't have to go out. Barb gives some of Scot's friends a ride home from school & for sure she'll have to today. One aft. she didn't take 2 girls (boy's sisters) because she didn't want them to mess up the floor as they had to sit in the 3rd seats.  I said she should have taken them no matter what. So she put plastic mats back there & will take all of them..  I bundled up & it was still cold the few minutes I was out.

We finished the puzzle with 1 piece missing.  We looked on the rug but couldn't find it.

I've had my coffee so I'd better do something besides watch TV.  Started another puzzle.

The author Pat Booth, new to me, isn't one I'll read.  I started the book & I just couldn't get interested so I gave up on it.  I have enough authors whose books are so enjoyable to read.

Fri A.M.  Ready to get my hair done.  It is COLD & there is a 2 hr. school delay.  We also plan to go to the Mall as Barb has a check to cash.

Scott got to join the ski club -- it's expensive.  For bus, etc. thru the ski period it cost over $200.00.  And Lynn got Scott a cell phone in case anything should happen.  She's a worrier.

Last nite I turned the thermostat to 72 & it was warmer.  It is 68 during the day & 80 starting at 3 pm.  If I feel cold l'll add a sweater.

We got some good early strawberries & they are tasty so I made an angel food cake & added strawberries for dessert & they liked it.

Hope you can read my letters.  Usually I sit in my chair writing letters & it's not as good as a table.

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