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Sunday, December 14, 2003

Yesterday Patty. W. Phillips called to ask if I'd like to go to our pastor's open house in Sheffield.  I said yes -- she also picked up Marie Mathis & Betty Casey.  The roads were fine & we enjoyed the visit.

Today we have between 4-6" of snow as it has snowed all day as of 3:50 p.m.

Last nite was Shults Christmas party at the Country Club.  Dale didn't stay for the dancing & drinking.  He said the parts mgr. was already feeling good.  He wasn't impressed with the food.  They had prime rib & the meat was OK.  He likes Jackson Valley better.

Yesterday I finally finished shopping for Kim.  They got a new dining room set & this table is rectangular so I got a table cloth to fit it -- on sale plus discount6 & the glassware was on sale plus coupon & I got a relish dish.  One side is divided into 3 parts & the other is plain.  I like it a lot so I hope Kim will.  Larry likes a gift certificate from Lawn &^ Garden & he can get what he wants.  Kim says Lar is shopping there a lot.  Did I mention he wanted a slim TV &^ bot one.  It is by the computer so he can "compute" & watch TV at the same time.

We have a new artificial tree at church & it is beautiful.  Tall & full.  courtesy of Ron & Marilyn Thelin Passenger.  It is on the left side by the piano.  Next Sun. the children's program will be at 6 pm followed by a reception -- cookies & punch.  Coffee as well as no coffee in a Luth church wouldn't be acceptable.

I took chicken from the freezer for dinner & asked Dale how I should fix it.  Chicken & spaghetti was the answer.  We both like it that way.  Barb is making herself a salad, a big one.  She doesn't always want what I serve so she makes her own.

Soon you'll have another teenager.  How time flies.  And it does -- I can't believe I have to bring Sheila's money gift this coming Fri.  And I have to make cookies.  Some for Sheila & Sue, the other gal & I think I'll bring some to Viola Seaquist. She doesn't get to church in this winter weather & she might appreciate some.  It's good her one grandson came back from Calif. as he lives with her & makes meals, etc.  Brian Scarpo.  Barb makes up a tray for Johannsons.

Nice Rachel will have another child.  Have you noticed many times only children want more than one child.

I still haven't decided what to have Christmas Eve.  My books & magazines haven't given me any ideas.

Wed. the 10th

I had to be sure there would be enough Danish for Christmas breakfast so I started a batch & baked them this A.M.  Last Sat I didn't get to bake so Dale's A.M. treat is Danish from the freezer.  I've started  baking cookies but a couple of batches I like to make just before Christmas.  I've made Spritz & Russian Tcakes, a cookie that has several names.  I got my recipe from Stella.

Weather report -- more snow today & tomorrow & snow flurries on Fri.  Let it snow, let it snow...

Just have a couple of gifts left to wrap.

Yesterday I got Cornish hens for Christmas Eve.  Have til Mon. to decide what to have for Christmas Day.  I'd have lamb but Barb & Kim wouldn't be happy.

Better get on with my "schedule" -- just took a little rest period.

Later -- Quality had tilapia froz. fish -- buy 1 get 1 free.  That's what we had for sup per -- pan fried for about 5 min. with lemon juice.  Delicious & it doesn't smell up the house & it is one fish Dale likes.  Baked pot, gr. beans.

And Barb & I decided to have a shrimp cocktail, steak, baked pot., salad for Christmas Eve. Christmas Day we'll have Cornish hens, herbed rice, veggie, relish tray & I might try a recipe I saw Egg Nog pie. Maybe cookies & a pudding Christmas Eve.

Thurs A.M.  I used a plastic sled to take the garbage to the curb.  We must have 6" of snow. Then I swept the snow from the font steps & made a path for the mailman.  Before that I made a banana cream pie (made the shell yesterday) & started dinner rolls.

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