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Saturday, January 31, 2004

Scott was sick yesterday so Barb went up there as soon as I was thru getting my hair done. So we didn't get to the Mall. This A.M. we went to CVS for a prescription refill & then to the Mall.  Barb got a pair of jeans plus 3 blouses -- 1 style -- 3 different colors.  Blue, off white & tan.  The latter will be a birthday gift from me.  It's a style I like.  I got a pr. of slacks -- my size 16 are too large, esp. in the seat & I don't  like that, & a top on sale -- jacket type, nice for cold days.  I wear 3 layers to feel comfortable in the house.  I only turn up the thermostat on Thurs. when Lar & Kim come.

Last nite Ted Benson called & said they'd like to go to church with me Feb. 1.   He has a small church in Kanesholm much like Chandlers Valley.  They don't heat the church in Jan. & Feb. & no one needed his services so they decided to come here.  Probably want to hear & see our new pastor.  They will pick me up -- it will be nice to see them.

After lunch I made an apple bread -- it is really delicious.  Now I'm watching Senior Skins with Jack N, Arnie P, Lee Trevino, & Tom Watson.

Did I mention Bert broke a couple of ribs & it is painful for her, but she hopes to get back in a couple of weeks.  I will really be glad because Barb will have to get up & get going.  Lately she watches tennis from Australia starting at 10:30 pm & then sleeps in.  I used to try to be quiet but no more.  I like to clean in the A.M. U& I've started to work around it.

Carolyn has a birthday in Feb. & I plan to send her a card as I didn't have her address at Christmas time.  Finally heard from them.  It's also Joyce OConnor's birthday & I have a card for her.

A small town in N.Y. whose name I can't remember has 72" of now & are having trouble to find places to put the plowed snow.  Maybe you saw the report on the Weather Channel. We have 12" & that's more than plenty as far as I'm concerned.

Just got supper into the oven.  Could have put it in the crockpot but I put it off.  So I used the oven bags & then I didn't have the onion soup mix needed.  I told myself to check what is needed for menus but guess I didn't listen.  Looked at another recipe & used canned diced tomatoes with garlic & olive oil.  Dale likes tomatoes so I hope it tastes good.  Also added a bay leaf as that makes for good flavoring.  I've had this roast beef meat in t he freezer & decided I should use it.  Left6overs for tomorrow.  Dale isn't that interested in the Super Bowl -- some NASCAR program is what he'll watch.  Barb & I aren't that interested.  There is golf to watch.  Phil Mickelson finally won a tournament last week.

We have a new sub shop, Quisno I think it is, a franschise - was right the first time but it didn't look right so out with the dictionary -- & Kim & Lar tired them & said they are excellent.  We talk about getting some & Barb said we should do it this week.  I'm all for it & it's up to Barb to get them.  We'll see what happens.  An added push - -coupons worth 2.00 came in the mail.

My puzzle is calling & I have a good start on this letter.

Just remembered -- Dale's Dr. Strassburg is from Madison.  Lar has played either basketball or soccer at the Y with him.  Lar mentioned his brother was Lib. Director in Middleton.  He's a nice "guy" they both say.

Barb might go to Jamestown tomorrow.  There are a few groceries she wants & can only get at Wegman's.

Yesterday's paper said they hope to start the new bridge in May to be finished by Nov.  That will be great.

Later.  Supper was delicious.  Meat tasty & tender.  Enough for leftovers on Sun.

We got the Spring Summer Penney's catalog but I dont' see much that interests me.

Sunday Feb 1.

I think Ted & Pat were impressed with our pastor.  I know Ted thanked her for her message. After church we went to Ponderosa to eat -- we all had the Buffet Bar.  They enjoy visiting around.  This coming Fri. we are suppose to go to Peek'n'Peak for lunch.  We always enjoy going there.  We just hope the weather will cooperate.

A Deacon's Bench was given to the church in memory of Mildred Traub by the Traub, Himes & Darling families.  It is in the hallway you enter from parking lot between the sanctuary & the wing.  It is nice to have to sit on while you put boots on.  Ted used it today.  A nice addition.  We have new blue paraments for next Advent & green paraments are on order. The handicap lift is completed & being used.  So things are happening.

Barb finished her afghan & started one for Marisa's graduation gift.  They are nice.

Feb 3rd

No school today.  At 6 A.M. the radio said sleet so school would have a 2 hr. delay.  When the snow started they changed it.  I bet they'll have to dd onto the school year.  This extended weather is getting me down.  We had 5" & it is heavy snow.  It always comes when Dale has to work til 8 pm.  Barb shoveled here & at Bert's.

I'm lazy these days & don't accomplish much.  Dusted downstairs today & that's about all plus meals.  My puzzle is going slowly.  Only tans & browns to fit in & that is harder.

Fri A.M. the 6th

No school today -- sleet & icy roads.  I'll finish this but I'm not sure it will get mailed today. Too much snow around the mail boxes & we won't be going  out, except for my hair appt. We'll never forget the winter of '04.

More to write but I'll save it for the next letter. Nothing of importance -- just daily happenings.

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