Sunday, March 10, 2013

Sunday, January 4, 2004

We're watching Green Bay & Seattle & at the moment they are tied.

New Years Day was so mild & I walked to the 5th Ave. mailbox & 2 fellows were playing tennis, & guys were at Beaty field playing football.  Dale even raked the lawn to get rid of fallen twigs.  How often does that happen on Jan 1.

But this week winter returns according to weather news.

Sat. was Dale's free Sat.  He took the bare tree down.  Fri. I had taken decorations off the tree & got things ready to go to the attic.  As usual, I had forgotten some things & it meant several trips to the attic.  Also dusted & it is nice to have order restored again.

Barb borrowed videos from the library.  She wanted me to see "Firefly" with Jeanette McDonald.  We played Scrabble & watched it.  But I couldn't concentrate on 2 things but I enjoyed the music.  Barb beat me 3 times but just by a couple of points so I'm improving  Often times I don't see plays that would give me more points.

Seeing the card table was up, I used it to start a puzzle.  1000 pieces.  Haven't done one for awhile.

Dale worked all day in the attic & is getting rid of a lot of junk.  Got rid of all the boxes we saved for sending gifts.  But more will accumulate during the year.  We're all talking about thinning out our closets.  After so many years clothes get stale, if that's the correct word, & they don't feel right.

G. B. just got a TD -- can they hold off S. for about 2:44 minutes.  Hope so -- we're rooting for your team.

It was nice that Lar & Kim could talk with you last Thurs.  Barb enjoyed it as well.  If Dale is around when you call he will talk.

Tues the 6th

Barb & I have been working on the puzzle -- it's a harder one.

Lar & Kim heard from the Carey's at Christmas.  They didn't build in Fla, kept their condo there & bot one in Buffalo for summers.  That doesn't make Paul's husband very happy. Susan bot a house in Buff. a couple of blocks from John & Paula's.  Now the parents.

It is cold tonite so winter has arrived.  The moon is out tonite & it is so pretty to see.

Made swiss steak for supper & it was good.  This is Dale's late or long day so he's eating now.  9pm. Think I'll make veg. soup tomorrow & a pie.  Soup sounds good for a cold day & preferably homemade.

Lucky JoAnna to be able to attend the exciting game & see the finish making Gr. Bay the victor.  We were happy for you folks.  And thanks for the pictures -- of the boys & the family room.  The boys look good & so does the family room.

Dad & I stopped at Schreiner's a few times & enjoyed it.  The Nelson's always stopped there on their way to the lake.

Thurs the 8th

When I was in the basement I heard dripping but none of the faucets dripped.  Barb found something under the sink was the culprit.  Dale is fixing it.  Another proof I'd never live alone in this house.  Joyce O'Connor has lived alone for -- I think she said it was 20 yrs. since Dugey died.

Lar & Kim were over tonite & we had a nice visit.  Lar got a printer for his digital camera & said it works well.  I told Dale he should get one for his camera.

It is nice to have things back to normal after the holidays.  My bedroom is in good order again & that makes me feel good.  I can only stand disorder so long & then I have to get busy & fix it up.

I even started working on a menu for the month.  Just hope I keep it up.

Dale cleaned out the area under the sink & is now putting things back & wondered if some stuff could be thrown away -- I said yes.

Soon bedtime so good nite to all.

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