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Saturday, May 5, 2001

This is Dale's week to work on Sat. & it cooled off after some summer weather, so I decided to do some baking.  Made dinner rolls, baked the sweet rolls I start the day before, choc. chip cookies & date cookies.  Have to make use of cooler weather.  That was my day's work.

I'm watching the Mets win for a change -- 8-1 over Arizona.  They are starting to hit so it's more fun watching the games.

Barb is switching between baseball & hockey -- Penguins vs. Buffalo.

Dale went to the junk yard looking for auto parts.  Usually looking for parts other want.

Lar & Dale saw a place for sale -- think it is on Elm Blvd. near the Mall & Shults.  Not much of a house & garage but Lar thinks it would be a deal for Dale.  And Larry is willing to help & give advice to Dale on the remodel.  It goes for $32,000 & Dale has more than one half of the money already.  He stopped at the bank to see about a loan.  He doesn't have a credit rating because he pays cash -- doesn't buy new cars because he loves to fix up old ones.  But he's been stable in his job & I'm sure he would get a good recommendation from Shults.  Tues after work -- early week -- he will get to see it with the realtor, & maybe make a bid.  Others have inquired.  Lar thinks it would be a good deal for Dale & it's time for him to think of the future.  I don't know how large the lot is.

Yesterday -- Fri. -- Barb & I went to Jamestown after lunch.  We did a little shopping, but nothing great.  Just little items.

Thurs Barb hosed off the front porch & got the chairs out.  After supper Kim, Barb, Torey & I sat on the porch.  Seemed good to sit out there again.

Maybe you noticed the Women's Club is having a Home Tour.  25.00 is the cost.  One of the homes is Cobham Castle & that is the draw.  Also the house across the st. from us, the former Dunham home.  And the -- I can't remember the former owner, but it is the on that has the circular driveway on Conewango & now owned by Charles Conaway.  He moved back, bo't the house (his wife died & he retired) & has remarried.  She was Lois Bartholomew, divorced & had a daughter Barb's age Mary Beth & a son Tom who was a handsome kid.  The house is in the next block from us.  Sheila is going on the tour but Kim doesn't want to spend 25.00.

Bet the boys had fun seeing the new ballpark & the game.  Nice that Eddie has enjoyed Cub Scouts.

Your kitchen sounds so nice.  It seems like it didn't take too long to get it together.  Probably it did to you folks.  But it's worth it in the end. Now you have a nice new kitchen.

Sun. May 6

This aft. Ted Benson called & said they were coming to Warren for a song service at First Luth & would I want to have them pick me up & go out for a sandwich.  I said yes.  But I changed the plans & we had a sandwich here.  I took chicken breasts out of the freezer, baked them & served them on a roll with mayor, lettuce & tomato.  And date bars for something sweet.  They liked the idea.  Easier to talk there & then I went to church with them.  Combined choirs from the district with a director from Minn.  Very talented & a real inspiration.  Choir numbers & congregational singing.  Fran, our former organist was there -- she is now at St. Joseph.  The choir director from First Meth. was there as well.  I don't like to go to these events alone, so I stay home. Fran said their choir is coming to St. Paul next Sun to do 2 numbers with our choir.  That will be nice.

Tues A.M.  I get a perm. at noon so will mail this.  We've all had colds but they are almost gone now.

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