Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Wednesday, April 4, 2001

Yesterday I had the cataract removed on my left eye.  Had to be there at 6 15 & in an hour I was in the operating room & home by 9:10 A.M.  A fast job.  T hey gave me a valium pill & there was more in the I.V. to make me sleepy.   You don't feel anything.  Today I had to have it checked & all is well.  More red than the right eye was.  It will go away in about 2 weeks.  I see Dr. Keverline in 2 weeks.  Then I should get my prescription for glasses.

Guess what!  Barb Lucia is working there-- must have just started as they were "breaking" her in.  She said to say hello.  She was working the computer for appointments, etc.

Yesterday I took it easy -- napped in the A.M. & in the afternoon.

Also watched the Mets beat Atlanta in Atlanta.  A great game.  Tonite they are on ESPN & Thurs they will be on TBS.  The Mets should have a good year, I hope.  They play each other 19 times this year.

I think spring is finally here.  It is nice to see the sun & it should warm up.

This week I did my Tues. work on Mon. & not much else since then.  Planned to take it easy this week as I'm an old lady.  Planned easy menus.  I love lemon pie & saw a recipe in last Sun. paper & will make one tomorrow A.M.  It's my favorite -- so so with the others.  Made the crust tonite, rather rolled it out.  The pie dough was in the freezer.  The filling isn't that hard to make.

How was your trip.  I'm sure you had a great time.

Did I mention Marissa broke up with the Loranger kid.  Guess she wants to play the field.  A senior wants to date her but Lynn won't allow it.  Scott has improved since starting medication but Barb thinks it's too late as he is a royal brat!

Talked to Gen & she is still hurting.  She did make breakfast Sun. Apr. 1st & clean up but it was slow.  Every 5th Sun. she helps count the offering & it was her turn.  When they called to check if he could do it, Ed said no.  Gen wanted to do it but Ed was right, I thought.  Start that & they'll want her to do something more.  She's going to have to change her ways after this.

This next week will be busy for you getting your kitchen ready for the remodel.  Bet you are getting excited about it.

Not much to write about so I'll pay attention to the ball game.

Thurs.  My pie looks gorgeous & the lemon part tasted good & the meringue brown a golden brown.

I'm watching Murder She Wrote & resting.  Dale doesn't come home for lunch -- a meeting at work -- so at 11 A.M. I plan to walk & get my drops prescription filled.  It's a lovely day & tomorrow showers are predicted.  Also must get 3 cards for April birthday.

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