Monday, April 9, 2012

Saturday, February 3, 2001

We have more snow -- up to 3", I think. Enough to have to shovel.

This aft. Dale went to Jamestown.  I asked him if he was going to Sam's Club and if he did would he get me pecans & toilet tissue.  The pecans are 7.29 for 2 lbs & around 12.00 for 30 rolls of .T. T. -- the good brand that is soft.

Yesterday Kim was at school til after 10 pm.  Reason:  school dance from 7-10 pm.  After school they had to decorate & foolish to drive home & have to turn around practically right away.  After 10 pm they'd have to clean up decorations, etc. & she hoped to be home by 11 pm.  She didn't come over today.  I'm sure they went skiing with the new cover of snow.

Fri nite Lar & Mike went out to eat.  Then Lar walked Torey with Torey leading the way.  They went to Jackson, over Buchanan & Lar decided to shovel Cary's walk.  I heard Torey barking & called to him & in he came.  Lar came when he finished.  Torey got fed & then he settled down.  I was working on my puzzle -- it's a hard one but the end is in sight -- & Lar sat down & watched TV.  Torey wasn't in any hurry to leave so Lar stayed awhile.

Barb & I went to the mall late morning.  Went to Penney's & everything is 25% off & I found a spring jacket I like so I bo't it.

I'm proud of Andy doing so well in his studies.  Isn't it nice to have a son who applies himself to his studies, Paul!!!  I remember someone who could have but didn't, but you still turned out to be a good guy & I'm proud of you.  You certainly are doing well in your career.

I'm watching the All Star Hockey doings tonite.  Sun. is the All Star Game.  It's fun to watch & see the All Stars introduced.  Skill competition tonite.

Dale & I had hamburgers for supper -- Barb made herself a steak salad.

Finally, I finished my puzzle with 2 pieces missing.  [Found 1 on the floor.]  An old puzzle as we save them -- when I vacuumed on Wed. I heard one eaten up by the vacuum cleaner & I thought I had checked thoroly.

Back to hockey -- North American All Stars vs. the World All Stars.  N. Amer. All Stars won the skill contest.

Sun. Feb 4th

In church today the Bishop's assistant preached & it was nice to hear a good sermon and one using the text for the day.

After church I was talking to Patty Welsh Phillips & she said she is now retired.  Her husband has been retired for 2 years & they have plans to travel, etc., so she left her job.  She was secretary to a lawyer.  She isn't that much older than you is she, Paul?  I know she isn't ready for Soc. Security.

Today I watched the Hockey All Star game & it was so good.  The N. Americans beat the World All Stars.  I think the score was 14-11 & that is a big score.  I didn't watch the football All Stars and I saw the end of the golf.  Tiger Woods hasn't done too well so  far.

Your telephone call gave me something to think about pro & con.  No answers for while.  It's a long trip.

Started reading again -- got 2 books at the library last Fri.  Our governor is giving more money -- statewide -- to the libraries.

Karen S. Setili's son is very different.  Very smart in studies.  I feel sorry for him -- he has been too much of a mama's boy.  The daughter who is in her first year of college, is different but no like Evan.

One of Dale's friend's mother died a year ago & the father died this last week.  He was 65 & his wife was in the early 60's.  He had sugar.  Tough to lose both parents in a years time.  The grandmother was a member of St. Paul & she lived to an old age.  After her husband died she came back to Warren so I don't think you knew her Paul,  She was Helen Leonard.

Tues A.M.  Want to get this mailed -- it's grocery day.


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