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Saturday, April 28, 2001

Wrote a note to Gen & mentioned baseball is back & the Mets are losing but they are still my team.  But it is so discouraging when they can't seem to hit & they have players on the D. L.  One thing they can't get any lower so the only way it up!  But when will it happen.

In hockey Pittsburgh is doing great -- they scored against Buffalo 1-0 but the game isn't over yet.  Won the first one & they're in Buffalo.

It's a lovely day but cool & windy.  The heat still goes on & it gets cold overnite.  No thoughts of gardening yet, but Dale has mowed the lawn a couple of time.

Dale has been working on the brakes for the van.  He will have it in good working order for our summer trip.

Back to baseball.  Watched Seattle beat the Yankees this past week.  I'll root for Seattle to win in the A.L.  I like a lot of their players, especially the D.H. -- Edgar -- can't recall his last name.  I like Lou Pinella but he sure has gotten a big belly on him.

After supper

I have to pinch myself to see I'm not dreaming but the Mets beat St. Louis in 11 innings.  What a game.  At last a win.

Monday aft. the 30th

The Mets victories didn't last.  Was Willie Stargell in the Pirates you remember or was he later.

You should remember Edgar Alfonso or is it Eduardo?  Now I'm mixed up but it's one of those.  He was hit on the hand & out for a couple of games, but his hitting is improving.  Pratt is catcher when they give Piazza a rest.  Ordonez is a great S. S.  Was hit last year & had a broken wrist & was out for the season.  Now he is back --- isn't a great hitter but has gotten some good hits when needed.  His name is Rey & he -- the word won't come -0- left the Cuban team when they were in the U.S. a few years ago  & the Mets won the toss as to which team would get him.

I remember all the names from the '60 Pirates with the exception of Wilmer Mizell.

I figured you'd be eating out some during the kitchen remodel.  After working all day, ti is hard to come home to a "mess" meaning things are out of order because of the remodel & don't want to prepare a meal.  You always have to hunt for what you need, & it's always in the last place you look.

Yesterday was Confirmation at church.  Evan Setile was in the class -- (Karen Seeley).  I talked to Rose about coming for lunch.   Barb will have to pick her up & take her home so I'll have to consult with Barb & call Rose.  This A.M. I made out a menu.  A chicken pasta salad, fruit kabobs & rolls & an angelfood strawberry dessert.  Break up the cake, pour vanilla pudding over it (in a 9x9 pan) & then strawberry jello with frozen berries over that.  Let it set.  Easy & good.

I started another jigsaw puzzle.  When I watch TV I prefer to be doing something.

Summer is here for us.  I've kept the house closed so the house is still cool.  This weekend dis suppose to be cooler -- just the 60s.  From 80s to 60s.

Anne, an older woman, who also works for Bert has been sick.  She stays nights with Bert & has cooked for her & others.  They found she was diabetic, then heart & now they think she has ovarian cancer.  She was in Pittsburgh last Mon. for an exam & on Fri this week, she will have an operation in Pittsburgh.  Her days could be numbered.  She is 76 years old.

Will be anxious to see pictures of the kitchen.  It is hard for me to picture what is happening.

All is well with us.

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