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Saturday, March 17, 2001

Thanks for the pictures. Andy looks good in his basketball outfit. I like the bookcase. It can hold a lot of books, etc.

When I read your letter about Eddie being sick -- it was before lunch so I wasn't eating.

Dale has to go to Rochester for 3 days.  Mon-Wed.  He'll leave about 4 on Sun. so he can drive during the daylight.  The sessions are on transmissions.  Dale said Chrysler will be closing this school and in order to get the warranty money, they have to have so much schooling each year.  Hope the next school isn't too far away.

I got 3 library books on Fri. but I only like 1 of them.  One I can't get interested in & the other ones are short stories & I don't like to read short stories.

Dale had a call today from Ken Dunham -- your age -- one of the twins  they lived by Yostens.  He wanted Dale's opinion on buying a used Jeep.  He has 3 daughters ages 27, 25, 21.  One is married.  They had quite a conversation.

Dale went to Jamestown this aft. & on the way home he stopped at Camp.  Lar & Kim were cleaning there as the bedroom floor is completed.  Kim had ordered some blinds from Penney's & they were putting them up.

Barney Miller is on TV all day today & Sun & I've been watching some of them.  They are so good.

Gen called me this past week & she is in a lot of pain.  She had xrays & there are many breaks.  Ed had to get medicine & had to sign for it as it is a narcotic.  Gen hopes it will be better in a couple of weeks.  I bet it will take a lot longer to heal.

Barb decided to defrost the freezer now.  No problem with me.  She did it in Nov. & this will help because in the summer a  lot of frost comes on it.

Tomorrow, no Mon, I'm going out to lunch with Bensons, Hollertz, etc.  We're going to 5 Fords Restaurant in Tionesta.  It serves hot buffet, salad bar, & dessert bar.  Dad & I drove by it but never ate there.  Benson's will pick me up.

Kim & Lar went to a credit union dance.  There were 9 couples at their table.  They sold 50-50 tickets.  Lar bot some, Kim decided not to, the gal next to Kim did & she won  the 50-50, about $171.00.  If Kim had bo't tickets she'd won.  6 of the 8 couples at their table won the prizes.  Lar & Kim, & Betsy & her husband won nothing.  It was at St. Paul Center, Saybrook, & Kim said the food was delicious.  Ladies of the church served the meal.  It wasn't the usual fare.  They served chicken broccoli rice casserole, stuffed peppers, etc. salads & desserts.

We were supposed to get a snow storm Fri nite into Sat.  So far just flurries.  Hope it stays away.

Thurs. nite Larry did my taxes for me so that is out of the way.  Barb & Dale have their all completed.

When I talked to Gen she said John was in Holland.  Sent there by the company eh works for.  He was to be home the end of the week.

Sun. Mar. 18th

Our pastor was gone today so Roger Thelin preached & John Check had the liturgy.  They always do a good job.  I'm enclosing an interesting article from the Buffalo paper.  Roger had an interesting illustration to close his sermon.  He has spoken of using our talents -- too many have excuses so the future is in our hands.  They story -- a wise man lived on a mountain & 2 college boys wanted to play a joke on him.   They (a boy) showed him a bird caged in his hands.  Tell me is the bird dead or alive in my hand thinking if he said alive, they'd crush it & let it drop; if he said dead, they'd let it fly away.  His answer was "it's on your hand whether it lives or dies."  And so a lot of things are in our hands whether they live or die.  In today's world we are letting a log of good things die due to our neglect.

Dale will eat around 3 pm & be ready to leave by 4 or so.  It will be different without him to talk to.

We awoke to a thin layer of snow but by the time I went to church the sidewalks were clear, due to the March sun.  Really the sun & it is so nice to see, even tho it was 29.

Should start thinking about my grocery list & menus.

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