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Saturday, April 21, 2001

Baseball & Mets again on TV.  Just hope they can start hitting at the right time & starting winning some games.

It's a cool, dark day & the furnace is still running.  Otherwise I feel cold.  It's suppose to start warming up but the weather is like the Mets -- in a rut.

Yesterday I took Barb out for lunch as it was her birthday.  We went to the Holiday Inn & had a nice lunch.  Fran Decker & Evelyn Berglund were having lunch there, also.

I asked Barb what kind of cake or pie she wanted.  She looked at some cookbooks & chose a cherry choc. cake with a "gooey" icing.  Egg white icing.  It looks pretty -- hope it's OK.  It was a recipe for the microwave & I prefer using the oven which I did.  for the icing you heat egg white, sugar & syrup to boiling in the microwave, & then slowly pour them into the beaten whites (slowly) until thickened.  I added a couple of drop of red coloring so it's a pink icing.

Lar & Kim were going to drive the Miata but seeing it is cloudy, we'll pick them up & all go in the van.  Hope the game goes fast as I have to take a shower & get ready.

I called Millie last Tues -- her birthday.  Gen took another fall.  Going down to do some washing in the basement, she missed the bottom step -- 2nd interruption.  Kim & Torey just stopped over for a cup of coffee.  1st interruption when Dale came home & I fixed lunch for him.

Back to Gen she missed the bottom step and fell on her knees & now they are hurting.  Edith & Gen took Millie to lunch & then to Edith's house for dessert.  Gen was saying how tired she is all the time.  Started making coffee bread & couldn't finish it, & put it in the fridge.  When Millile got home she remembered Allan's wife was always tired before she saw the Dr. & found out she had thyroid trouble.  So Milllie called Gen & asked if she was taking her thyroid pills.  She wasn't -- didn't want to take so many pills.  So maybe that is why she is always tired.  These people that won't take their medications!  Gen has always helped with their income taxes & this year she couldn't do the figures.  She asked Millie how old are you -- 65, 75, & Millie said you know Marion is 80 & I'm older than she is.  I feel so bad for her & I hope Ed will be able to take this set back.  Edith will be a big help.  It will probably get worse.

At camp Lar & Kim have the TV satellite antenna & Kim planned to pay the extra 60.00 but they told her they have to upgrade the works to the tune of $125.00.  Kim said no way but Lar will pay the $125.00 as he wants soccer & Kim will pay the $60.00 for his birthday gift.

My eye is coming along.  It is still red but much improved.

Miracle of miracles, after 6 1/2 innings the Mets are ahead, 4-2.

Thanks for the article on Strawberry.  Haven't read it yet, but you can be sure I will.  It is sad when the "mighty" fall.

Sun the 22nd

Late aft. on Sat. we had a real rainstorm with thunder, but luckily, it stopped raining & warmed up & was nice.  We picked up Lar & Kim & found an open parking spot right in front of Verdino's.  It was busy & very noisy with most of the people from Warren.  Lar & Kim knew many of them & one graduated with Barb.  I chose salmon over the prime rib special which Dale ordered.  It was advertised as peppered prime ribs & that scared me.  Dale said it was spicy.  Barb chose steak & shrimp.  Lar had lasagna as Fri nite he had steak out.  Kim had a noodle dish of some sort.  Our waitress told us they were really busy (we could see that) & short 3 workers & a new one learning the job in the kitchen.  I'm sure they were tired out when it was over, but I'm sure the tips were good.  Ours was $20.00.  It was a nice nite out.  Tell Eddie we missed him as last time we were there, on my birthday, he kept up a good conversation & we enjoyed him.

Did you notice in the Wed. Apr. 18th paper a girl in your class died.  Ronalie Parker Bell.  Her picture was in the paper -- very attractive.  I didn't notice it but Dale did, so I went back & checked it out.

I haven't gotten back to walking again.  Today was nice -- up to 80 -- but I was lazy.  Dale mowed the lawn after work.  This is his early week & he was home by 4:30 pm.  He also did some trimming.

I did clean out the linen closet & my jewelry drawer.  In addition to my Mon. regular chores.

Barb is riding her bicycle again.

Barb is a Pittsburgh hockey fan & she hopes they'll win tonite vs. Washington.  Pitts. is ahead 3-2 at the beginning of the 3rd period.  If they win they'll play Buffalo in the play offs.  2nd round of games.

Soon bedtime so all for this time.

P.S.  Dale got your package.

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