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Monday, May 14, 2001

Just got home from a session at east side PNC Bank with a financial investor.  A CD matured today & since interest is down , she suggested putting the money in a fixed annuity where the interest is higher so I did.  I can live on my Soc. Sec. & pension so in 2 years I haven't made any money on the money that accumulated when Dad was sick.  So that was put into a saving acct. that gives more interest & I'll have about 7000 plus in my chk. acct.  If I need more I can call the bank & have money put into my chk acct.  Not sure I understand it all, but I know I wasn't making any money on what sat in my chk acct.  Time will tell.

Last nite I forgot to thank you for the hanging planter.   Pretty purple petunias.  Dale gave me a lighter purple hanging basket of petunias.  They look nice on the porch.  When Ekey's delivered the basket there were no names on the card -- just Happy Mother's Day -- but I figured it came form Paul, JoAnna, Andy & Eddie.

Tomorrow I go to the dentist for a cleaning & check up.  Have to vote for local officials.  They are adding another judge to our area.

Fri. our trip to Erie was spoiled a bit because of the car acting up.  But we got some shopping done.  We didn't eat in Erie as Barb wanted to be closer to home when we ate.  We stopped at the Corry Perkins & had a good lunch.  I got a skirt but it is longer than I like, so will shorten it.  Barb got 2 skirts & other things.  We saw Janice Carlson there.

Your kitchen looks so nice & now that it's complete I'm looking forward to more pictures.

At church I found out Rose S. is in the Wrrn. Hospital, but I don't know why.

I had to turn the furnace on this A.M. as it was very chilly in the house.  We could have frost tonite -- hope it won't harm the plants.  Barb was in a hurry to get them planted.

Once I said to Barb I really like the cherry red van.  Her reply.  I wouldn't drive a red van.  Now that we're looking at end of the year cars, I told her we wouldn't have much choice of car color.  Now she's willing to drive a red car & likes the color.  Time will tell.  Dale didn't have much to say at lunch as it was a busy A.M. for him.  He plans to talk to Eric Nystrom, one of the salesmen.  I'm getting excited & hope it works out.

The Darling's girls wedding was so beautiful.  Lots of flowers, lavendar dresses for teh Maid of ohonor (her sister Elizabeth) & bridesmaids.  The wedding gown was so pretty.  Chris, her brother U& his wife were in the wedding as well as the 9-10 month baby girl, carried in Chris' arm.s  Suppose to be flower girl!  Remember Marie Whipple & her husband -- (your classmate) - their 2 daughters were Jr. bridesmaids & they looked so nice.  10th and 8th graders.  The oldest girl has a steady boyfriend, who was at the wedding.  Elizabeth & Jennifer took care of them when they were small -- the girls & Marie W. & Diane Darling are good friends.

Every other Sat & Sun mornings I like to fix a special breakfast.  So I tried frozen French toast to make it easier.  It bombed -- Dale prefers the Fr. toast I make.  I tried but it didn't work.

Tomorrow Tues the 15th Barb & I will go up to Shults and talk to Eric Nystrom, a salesman & a friend of Dale's.  I hope we can do it.

Tues. May 15th

This has been some day.  We were at Shults at 9:30 A.M. & Eric showed us the car Dale liked.  We rode in it & it was nice.  A maroon color.  Then Eric needed something from our car & Barb went to get it -0- registration, I think.  Barb stopped to look at a red van that was more expensive -- it had the tilted wheel (steering), cruise control, elec. windows, etc. & she said she'd put 2000.00 toward it as the cruise control would be great for the trip.  So while Eric took our car to find out the trade-in value, Barb & I test drove it.  Both ride nice.  So we settled on the red car & we drove it home for lunch.  I had a 1 pm dentist appt & the Tues Dale works late, I try to make a nice lunch for him. Today he made his own lunch.

Sherrie, in charge of finances had a 1 pm meeting in Jamestown so they wanted us to come back.  We said 2 pm but I was at the dentist til 1:45 so I called & asked if we could come after 4 pm.  It was OK so we finished all the signings & paying for the car.  And Sherrie noticed we had received the relative of employee discount which amounted to $750.  $1800 for the old van.  It cost $18,604.14 so we are pretty lucky.  Dodge van.  I didn't realize buying a car could be so tiring.  The A.M. was about 2 1/2 hrs.  Rush home, eat, go to dentist.  Was glad for a little rest before 4 pm.  Barb had to pick up Scott.  Both he & Marisa love the van.  Mr. Carey was outside washing his car.  Barb told him we were going on a trip this summer & wanted a better car.  He said one thing your car will stand out.  Barb took me to the dentist & then went over to show the van to Larry.  He loves it, color & all.  When we were leaving Shults we saw Dale & he said it's a nice color.  When he left for work in A.M., he said don't rush into anything.  And here we had a new car at noon.

Sherrie loves my Danish pastry & asked for the recipe.  She noticed I didn't get the employee discount & added it.t  So I will make rolls &^ bring some to her when we go to the Mall.  She knows Kim & Lar.  When the car business was finished, we went for groceries.  Had an easy supper.   Grilled weiners, baked beans & fruit.  I had a ice cream cone for dessert.  It's nice to sit & watch TV.

On Tuesday, I usually clean my room & the bathroom.  Not today.  Washed towels & will clean tomorrow.

Noticed in the paper today, an ad for a new drive-in theater as you enter Jamestown from Warren.  2 screens so it must be a large area.  Before all the stores & the restaurant where we went for my birthday.

Today was a beautiful day.  Clear & cool.

I hear Dale coming now.  He'll either have what we had for supper or frozen spaghetti or lasagna.  He doesn't mind a frozen dinner & they are nice ot have on hand for when I'm lazy!  I like the lasagna better than the spaghetti.

Should mail this tomorrow so will send my love to all of you

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