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Tuesday, December 24, 2002

This A.M. I finished Danish for Dale at work.  36 rolls.  And I cleaned a turkey.  Had planned on Beef Loin for tomorrow but waited too long to buy one, so I got the turkey out.  I did a little cleaning -- a "lick & a promise", in the bathrooms.  Then I got a shower & dressed for the day.  Just finished the USA Today crossword puzzle & decided to start a letter.  I'm surprised I have time to relax.  Kim & Lar won't be here until 6:30 or so; it will be 7 before we eat.  We're having shrimp cocktail, steak & lobster, baked pot. & tossed salad.  Didn't know what to have for dessert & Barb suggested Vienetta & said she'd go buy some.  She couldn't find it so she got a Breyers ice cream cake.  I'll still put out some cookies & candy -- made fudge & another choc. candy Sheila recommended.

At work today the guys chipped in for company provided $50 for a cash drawing & Dale won it.  Pa. now has the Power Ball lottery & Barb got 5 tickets & then went back & got 4 more for me for stocking gifts.  Are you shocked?

The fellows that worked 7-5 this week didn't have to work today.  Dale went in at 11 A.M. for the lunch & the place closed at noon.  He said the Mall was really crowded today -- from the looks of all the cars.  He thought about going in but he changed his mind.


I'm taking it easy the rest of the week.  I need to.  Got everything in the washer (changed my sheets) & as I started writing I was sure I hadn't started the washer.  Sure enough, it was just waiting to be started.

We had a wonderful Christmas & thank you for your part.  I'm anxious to try the new baking sheets & liners.  Now I know what they are.  Barb's sweater & pin look so nice on her.  It's hard to get Dale anything but clothes & he appreciates that.  He likes everything including your sweater & book.  And Lar & Kim were thrilled with your gift -- it's a beautiful place according to an included picture & they are looking forward to seeing it in person, esp. the whirlpool tub or whatever you call them.  I was so surprised to get a TV for the bedroom & can't wait until ti is hooked up.  I said that was too much but Kim said they are here every Thurs & by the end of the week she appreciates it.  It works both ways as I'm sure I have contact with them every week.  And they are here birthdays & holidays.  So I'm thrilled to heave it.

Our Christmas Eve dinner was so delicious.  The lobster was so good.  Wasn't sure how to cook it & my old Fannie Farmer (shower gift) cookbook said to boil it 20 min.  And the Breyers ice cream cake is very delicious according to Lar, Barb & Dale.  Kim had a taste of Lar's so he had to have another piece before they left.

Our Christmas day dinner was similar to yours except we had corn pudding & no pumpkin pie.  Think we started a new Christmas Eve custom -- lobster & steak.

Kim will be glad to get back to work -- they have been on the go every day.  Tonite they go to Mike's house -- his sister Barbara is home for a visit & they always invite Lar & Kim over as Lar is a real friend to Mike Brindis.  If he has an emergency he calls Lar; if he needs a small loan the end of the month, he can call on Lar.  Fri. nite they go out to friend Jay & Nancy & Nancy's mom.  Sat. nite Kim is having the neighbors over.  Sun. nite we are invited over for a 6pm dinner.  Mon the "gals" to go Erie to visit a friend.  They sold their Warren home & got a condo in Erie.  The husband will be here until June.  Their home sold very quickly so they had to make a move.  Kathy had the aerobic classes with Kim & she was in Kim & Lar's wedding.  A tall dark gal.  Her husband works in the Business Dept. of Blair's.  A good job.  Three sons are all gone from home, 2 married.

New Year's Eve they are at Betsy Moran whose lst name always evades me (don't want to say forget again) for a party.  New Year's Day they just want to be home & not have to go anywhere.  Back to school on Thurs.

Whenever I have a roast Torey always knows where to go.  He keeps watch over it, hoping to get a taste.  Last nite he stayed here while they were at Betsy's.  He slept the whole time.

Time for a coffee break.  This aft. we'll go to the Mall & then to Quality where I have a 15.00 coupon (for spending more money) for meat goods until the 28th.  Probably won't get back to this letter.  Love you all.

Happy New Year!

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