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Tuesday, December 31, 2002

I'm watching Washington beat Purdue 17-0 after the first quarter.

Last Thursday Barb & I went to the Mall & I got a red jacket type top & a navy cardigan on sale.  And a box of Christmas cards that were 21.00 for 7.00 including tax.  Some good deals.   Not much paper wrap left but plenty of decorations.  We went to the Mall again yesterday & got some pretty gold & silver balls for the tree & Barb got 2 Santas & I got one at KMart.  They are attractive ones.  All half price.

Our snow is melting fast due to warming & some drizzle.

Dale's back has been bothering him, so he decided to go to the chiropractor & got an aft. appt. today at 2:30 p.m.  He worked til 11 A.M. when they closed early for the holiday.

Our TV is changing channels.  Fox News has been channel 51, now is 75.  So we'll have to learn the new channels.  My TV isn't set up yet.  Dale hasn't cared to do it since he has a sore back.

 Barb & I went out to lunch at Holiday Inn a week ago Fri. the 27th & it was a failure for Barb & she likes to go there.  She had the Caesar salad.  Not much lettuce & too much dressing.  She tried dessert, carrot cake & she didn't like that.  I had the special -- fish sandwich & fries.  Unusually good fries -- hot & crunchy.  Good fish.  It included pumpkin pie -- but I like mine better.   We talked about going to Chido's for supper but Dale wasn't interested so we chose lunch.

Lar & Kim gave Dale a bathrobe for Christmas & he's wearing it when he gets a shower.  A nice surprise I never thought he'd wear one.

Dale just came back & said his back feels better.  And he'll have a day to rest it.  Now he's on the way to the Mall.

Thurs. Jan 2

Got your letter today & thanks for the pictures.  The one of Dad is so good -- thanks again.  The boys are changing so much.  Now they are young  men.

Lynn gave Barb a machine to make "Smoothies".  It works fine & stronger (motor) than a regular blender.

We had a quiet New Year's Day.  We had steaks for our meal.  Tonite Lar & Kim come & we'll have stuffed pork chops & apple pie.  It's suppose to be lucky to have pork on New Year's Day.

Dale connected my TV yesterday so the next time you visit you'll go to sleep with TV.  We have 6 TVs in the house & Dale has 1 in the garage.  Recently he put on in the basement so he can have TV when he works down there.

I know why people don't like change.  It means they have to learn something new & that takes effort & time.  I still can't remember all of the new channels.

Barb made me a gray cardigan & it is very nice.  She is knitting herself another sweater & when that is completed she'll put her yarn aside for awhile.


The dishes are done & all is cleaned up.  Instead of having a cup of coffee -- just finished a cup of cocoa & now I'm set to watch "Designing for the Sexes".

Lar wondered if I'd watched TV in bed last nite.  I had but plan to watch "House Hunters" at 10 pm in bed.

We're getting snow tonite & it doesn't sound too good for tomorrow.  After I get my hair done I have to go to the bank for Jan. expenses, need to get a sympathy card & need to go to CVS for 2 prescriptions.

Plan to take the ornaments off the Christmas tree tomorrow.  Just a start & will finish on Sat.  It will be good to have things normal again.  Next year we will have a prelit tree.

Did I mention that Lynn & family sent me a Christmas real pine arrangement with gold ribbon & trim in the form of a small tree?  And Carol Andersen sent me a poinsettia plant.  This time I put it by the fireplace & when I have the lamp lit, it gives light to the plant.  I never have good luck with real indoor plants but this time it is doing very well in this location.

It is soon bedtime so this is all for this time.

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