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Sunday, February 23, 2003

The topic here is the weather & how long winter has been & all the snow.  More snow today & cold weather.  Better next Fri. & Sat. & then another cold wave!  But we're talking about going to Jamestown on Fri. so I hope it does warm up a bit.

I'm watching golf in sunny & warm Calif.

Back to last Fri. with Benson's.  One of our group, Sig & Carol Decker from Kane, haven't been with us for awhile due to Carol's illness.  She has dementia & it has gotten worse.  Pat saw them in the grocery store & Carol just had a blank look.  I sure hope they can find something to help Alzheimers.  I keep wondering how Gen will take it when she will have to go into a home for more care.  Pat felt bad for her.  Carol.

They announced this A.M. that starting Mar. 15, we will have a new organist.  She has subbed for us & knows the Luth. service.  It will be so nice to have the organ.  Just hope the next good news will be a new pastor.

Finished my puzzle & started another.  This one has a lot of colored flowers so it will be hard.  But I'm in no rush.  Too hard so I started another one.

Barb looked over some of her clothes & has 2 big bags to be given to the Salvation Army.  I should do the same.  They say if you don't wear something for a y ear or so get rid of it -- they are just taking up space in the closet.  The only thing for  me -- sometimes I wish I still had a blouse I gave away.  My closet is too crowded.  I can't resist a bargain!  Sometimes they don't  turn out to be bargains -- I get carried away by the price.

Betty Casey told me today the USA would be at war this week.   She listens to an evangelist who was using Bible passage to prove his point.  It said so sin the Bible!  You can prove many things by taking Bible verses out of context.  Also did you know JoAnna is a Biblical name.  In the 3rd chapter of Luke:  "Joanna, whose husband was an officer in Herod's court...." was a follower of Jesus.  The Jo and Anna aren't separated.

I really had a good laugh when I read your letter concerning the -- what do you call them, a nose razor? It was so funny & I could imagine the situation in my mind.  Dad had such an implement & I still have it & use it at times.  Mine is a Remington make.

Mon. Feb 24

More snow & enough to shovel.  Lar was at Carey's & Dale is shovelling our walks.  Erie was having snow as well & has 125" & if it keeps snowing in March, they could pass their high mark of 150".

Got a note from Gen.  They now have a P.O. box number & John picks up the mail.  I'm sure he can keep better track of bills, etc. this way.  You could tell this letter wasn't Gen of past years.

Wed Feb 26 -

It was 3 at 6 A.M.  We are living thru a history-making period, weatherwise.  The big cities have high snow levels & low temps.  Andy & Eddie can tell their children about the snows of '03!  And the lack of snow in Wis.

Just finished a note to Gen to tell her I got the change of address.

Also made out my needs for Mar.  Fri after I get my hair done, I'll go to the bank for my monthly withdrawal.

The church makes out financial sheets & I noticed I didn't pay my pledge in full.  After checking I realized I had increased it by 5.00 but when Jan '02 came around I hadn't remembered.  So for 14 months I owed money  So I'll ad some each month to make it up.  The Lord has been good to me so it's only right to reflect that in my giving.

Someone was looking at Carey's house this A.M.

Last Sun nite H&G had a House Hunters, USA, showing buyers in New York City, San Fran. & New Orleans.  I liked it.

Thurs 27th

Had a letter from Millie yesterday. Linda was home for a weekend & they took Gen out to lunch, then to Filene's where she bo't a pair of shoes.  Millie said "I hope she will wear them."  To get out of the house Millie takes the bus to the Holyoke Mall.  Nice that she can get there but I'm sure she has to transfer along the way.  No buses go by Gen's house so she is stranded.  Maybe it's just as well as she could forget which bus to get home.  I'm glad I can still walk to get my hair done; to the library & bank.  Just waiting for nicer weather.

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