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Sunday, November 24, 2002

I'm sure you are watching G.B. vs. T.B. & aren't feeling very good about the game.  Barb said G.B. has many injuries.

Last nite Larry walked Torey while Kim got groceries.  They had been to an aft. wedding at First Methodist.  A soccer player who met his bride via the Internet computer.  When he didn't find anyone in the U.S. he went overseas & met a girl from Lithuania.  He visited her last summer, they hit it off & she came to the U.S.

This A.M. Rick Seteli (Karen's ex) was in church with a "new lady".  She looks very nice -- I'm glad for him as he is a nice fellow.

Back to my story -- I forgot what I started.  Lar lets Torey lead him & after walking awhile, Torey headed over here.  Dale & I were just finishing our dinner so Torey got some meat & ice cream for dessert.  Then he heads to where the doggy treats are kept to let us know he wanted the rest of his meal.  Of course he got some.  Dale bo't more today.

Today the weather was nice & tomorrow doesn't sound that good so I walked to CVS.  Needed 2 refills on my medicine.  It was nice to walk.  Funny tho, whenever Barb needs to go to CVS or the library she gets into the car & drives.  I'm not working things right.  But the exercise is good for me & I'm glad I can walk.  Rose S. can't walk any distance & Pat Benson & Anna Hollertz can't walk much.  Both use canes.  So I have a lot to be thankful for & I'll walk until my legs give out.  Millie still walks & she is 87.

We'll eat dinner at 4:30 p.m. on Thanksgiving.

At church today there were names on a tree for members to take to buy gifts for Christmas.  For the Salvation Army.  I took the name of a 10 yr. old boy.  They have sizes for clothes & a gift they'd like.  He likes Legos & Harry Potter.  There was a name for a 17 yr. old boy but I thought that name would take more money than I cared to spend.  If you want to give fairly good gifts it doesn't take long for the money to add up.  But I enjoy doing it.

I think I've mentioned about the bios in our church newsletter.  Today Cindy said she'd like to interview me & would I do it.  I really don't want to.  I'm not a lifetime member & even tho we lived in Auburn, Warren & Great Falls, Mt I wouldn't have that much to say.

Heard today that Gary Risher had a heart attack & is in the hospital in Erie.   He sure has had a lot of trouble since he left St. Paul.  Wonder how long he'll be able to enjoy retirement.  He's not 62 yet.

Tues. evening

It's 8 pm & the TV has been off since noon time.  They are updating the cable.  I never dreamed it would be so hard not having TV ready to go when you push the "on" button.  I've thor'ly read the newspaper, looked over some cookbooks & I'm at "loose ends" not knowing what to do.  Could start addressing Christmas cards but I'm not in the mood to do that.

The turkey is thawing in the fridge.  Tomorrow I'll make pie crust & do other jobs relating to Thanksgiving.

JoAnna's pkg. didn't get sent til yesterday.  Before we got groceries yesterday, we went to the Mall.  I got a pair of jeans for my Salvation Army name & a bionic lego set.  Had to have 1 toy besides clothes.  Still want to get a shirt & boxer shorts & maybe pj's depending how much everything is.

The first Mon. in Dec. is LCW with a planned potluck.  2 are bringing a casserole, 2 - salads & 2 desserts.  I'm bringing a salad.  We prefer this to a mixture of food.  This way it's a more balanced menu.  The other way is O.K. & it is always surprising how well rounded it comes out.

Sat. the 7th is a "Cooky Walk" & Soup & Pie luncheon at church.  I'll make a pie for it & this year I think I'll also make cookies.  Usually I've made 2 pies but they only asked for 1 pie this year.

Dale just got home -- his late Tues -- & he can't believe there is not TV yet.

Wed. aft. the 27th.  Stella was born on this day.

This A.M. Barb called the cable company & they said TV should have been on at 5 pm yesterday.  They sent a man over & at 2 pm, just in time for "As the World Turns".  There wasn't much to it as it was fixed in minutes.  It also restored my "cheery disposition"!!

This A.M. I cleaned the turkey & boiled the neck & "innerds" for gravy tomorrow.  I love to eat the meat on the neck & it was delicious so it will be a good turkey to eat.  I'm making beef-veg. soup for supper.  The first homemade soup of the season.

This is your "happy camper" continuing.  Today I got my bimonthly "Taste of Home".  In one of the added materials was a recipe for an apple turnover.  It sounded good & I tho't it would go good with soup.  At 2:30 I started making them & they came out really good.  Almost better than pie.  Very tasty.

The Fri. after Thanksgiving Dale takes a lunch so he won't lose his parking place.  So the fellows planned a lunch & each one will bring something.  When Dale heard about it most plans were made so they said he could bring a dessert.  I tried to think of something easy to fix while preparing a turkey dinner.  Pumpkin pie didn't appeal to Dale.  I said let me think about it.  As I sat watching TV brownies came to me.  They are easy to fix & I've been wanting to try a recipe that uses Hershey choc. syrup in the 16 oz. can.  Most guys like brownies & it is OK with Dale.  When I make my pumpkin pie tomorrow  I'll also make brownies.  Problem solved.  The syrup has been in the cupboard waiting to be used.  Just for us I make a smaller recipe.

Thanksgiving is over & I'll finish this letter.  Our dinner was good.  Lar likes the green bean casserole but he likes how Kim makes it.  She uses a white sauce she makes & adds grated swiss cheese. I just made 1 c. sauce & that was enough for 1 can green beans & I can yellow beans. They all liked it.

I really like the new brownie recipe & the fudge like icing.  I cut around the edges for me & Dale will take the rest to work.

Before we know it Christmas will be here.

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