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Sunday, November 17, 2002

We had a pleasant surprise in church this A.M.  A female pastor.  She was pastor of Saron, Youngsville, married a local man, had a baby & took a leave of absence.  The boy is soon 2 years old. She has been helping at the State Hospital.  We needed someone to preach today & she did it.  She is good -- wonder if she wants to get back to a congregation.  The ones I spoke to were impressed & I wouldn't m ind a female pastor.  She knows how to use her voice & all could hear & understand.  She will help out again.

Dale forgot your birthday Paul.  I told him he should know his siblings' birthdays.  You will be getting a late package.  It was my fault -- I didn't remind him!  I do remind him of Andy and Eddie's birthdays as I think children prefer that.  Arrival on the day.

Your letter really surprised me -- the "dirt" aimed at JoAnna during the campaigning.  I don't think people like all the negative campaigning but I'm sure it will continue.  Too bad.  Guess you have to develop a hard shield in politics.

I haven't heard or seen anything about your class reunion.  Maybe after the holidays.  Did you say 35 years?  Where has the time gone?

Am watching the Weather Channel & they predict 1-3" of snow overnite!  Time to get the boots out.

Last Thursday I told Larry about the gift certificate from Quality & that I wanted to use it for something special.  He suggested shrimp & lobster.  Maybe I'll plan that for Christmas Eve.  Turkeys are on sale at Quality so I'll get one for Thanksgiving this week.

I got Thanksgiving cards ready for Gen, Millie, Ruth & the boys this afternoon.

I read another Sandra Brown book.  A trilogy on a Texas family.  First part on the eldest son, 2nd part -- middle son, 3rd part - -the daughter.  It was very enjoyable reading.  Couldn't put it down so you know how I spent my spare time!

You've probably heard the baseball news that Colorado will trade Hampton & others to the Marlins for Chas. Johnson & others.  Then the Marlins will trade Hampton to the Braves & that would mean they wouldn't sign Glavine.  The Mets would like Glavine & if successful & he becomes a Met, I would have to cheer for him!!!  Can I do it?  I suppose if he still has it.  What a situation!!

What are your Thanksgiving plans?  Will you go to Two Rivers or will JoAnna's folks come to you?

Talked to Millie this past week.  She & Linda always spend Thanksgiving with Allan & his wife.  Gen is upset as it will just be Gen & John & they will probably eat out.  Altho when I talked to Gen, she talked about making the dinner.  Millie says they eat out all the time.

Mon.  I have JoAnna's birthday package ready to mail & plan to mail it Friday A.M. when I get my hair done.  The Christmas package isn't ready yet.

Wed the 20th
hIt was beautiful today so I put off washing the kitchen floor til afternoon & got a ride over town.  In the car I put on my earrings & had a library book to return & letters to mail.  Went into the P.O. U& mailed the letters & something was missing.  I had put my purse on the floor & forgot to take it when I got out.  So I started walking to Bert's house & had gotten to 5th Ave. when I saw Barb coming.  So I got my purse.  Then went to Blair's store & looked around.  After it was the library to return books & get 2 more -- one of which I've already read.  Didn't scan it far enough to see if I remembered reading it.

Bert was pleased to hear I'd forgotten my purse.  You know "Misery loves company!"

Also made cookies this afternoon so I was busy.

Last weekend Dale cleaned the exterior of the stove, dishwasher & washer & dryer.  Guess their looks didn't please him. They shine now.

Yesterday we went for groceries.  If you spent $75.00 or more you got a free turkey -- not a brand name.  I did buy a turkey & got the free turkey as well.  Dale gets a turkey from work so Barb drove by the Salvation Army & gave them the free turkey.  They sponsor a free Thanksgiving dinner & were asking for turkeys.

Warren had a 3rd murder yesterday.  What's happening in our small city?  Man & wife fighting & he hit her too hard.  Head injury I think. Not a gun this time.

Finally found more Iris Johansen books.  They are good.

Thurs the 21st.

Got your letter today.  No gift list!  Eddie is the only one we really need.  Andy gave me his desire; Barb & I have started shopping.  Need ideas for Dale.  Barb has ideas of her own.'

Our TV isn't working.  I'm at a loss as to what to do in its place.  Dale said I should call if it keeps "snowy".  But it could be a loose connection outside.  And I'd hate to pay to have them put it together.  If there is no TV tonite I'll be in the dog house.

When I read your letters, I think back & wonder what I could have done to get you to make the Honor Roll!!!!  I know you made it once in awhile but you could have made it every report card!  Of course they didn't have Playstation 2 back then.

We have a cloudy day & rain is suppose to start this afternoon.  When we had TV this A.M., I think I heard it was snowing in Madison.

Lar & Kim come tonite & Torey too.

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