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Sunday, January 6, 2003

This would have been our 57th anniversary.

It is another snowy day with enough snow to shovel.  Our neighbor Dan N. is clearing our walks.  We are lucky.  Guess I'll have to make rolls or cookies as a thank you.  Started rolls today as tomorrow is Bob's birthday & he & Scott love them.  Watched 2 Perry Mason stories on Hallmark TV.  At 4 there will be Murder She Wrote on A&E.  Then football.  We're having steak, baked pot., salad & pumpkin pie.

Bert took her cat to the vet as it was sick & throwing up all over the rugs.  It has aids plus other problems & should be put to sleep.  Bert didn't expect that & is very unhappy.  It will be sometime during this coming week.  The other cat ran away & never came back.  It also has ringworm & the vet told Bert she should boil her sheets.

Viola Seaquist was having dizzy spells & when Brian (grandson) came home from work, he called 911 & she was taken to the hospital.  That was Tues. & she stayed til Fri.  She can't go out in this weather but  Elsie Y. said she is doing OK.  Naturally she has to take medication now.  Brian came back from Calif & a failed marriage & lives with his grandma & works at Blairs.

Just made your marinade sauce & put the steaks in it.  I copies that recipe but never did your secret hamburgers recipe & I'm sure you wrote some of the ingredients some time back.  I usually add Worcestershire or steak sauce, onions, Salt & pepper when I make them.

In church this A.M. they announced we will have an organist twice a month starting in Feb.  Don't know who it is.  Not too many to call on in our small area.

Cindy DiChano is active in the Historical Society & at church they found some old pictures & gave them to the historical society so St. Paul is in Jan Stepping Stones, using old pictures & the bios that Cindy has been doing.  She had copies to buy & I got one.  Didn't you subscribe to Stepping Stones.  If not, I'll save it for you.  Just read thru Stepping Stones & it is most interesting.  Maybe I should become a member.

This past week when I awoke & looked t the clock it was (so I thought) it was time to get up.  I got things ready & it was 20 to what I thought was seven.  So I went up to see why Dale wasn't up.  Because, he said, it's only 20 to 6 A.M.  I misread the clock.  So I sat in the chair & dozed.  Yesterday I bo't a clock with larger numerals that are easier to see so that won't happen again.

Thurs. Jan. 30th

I'd better finish this letter as it gets mailed tomorrow.  We're having a turkey breast roast tonite & it is smelling so good.  BiLo had nice strawberries so I made a strawberry pie.

Tomorrow I go to the bank & get money for Feb. budget.  The months fly by.  We're planning to go to Jamestown as Barb doesn't have to pick Scott up.  We'll leave around 11 A.M. & eat lunch there.

The telephone rang Tues. nite at 9:45 pm but it stopped before I got there.  Figured it was Gen so I called back & she had called.  She doesn't realize the time but I was still watching TV.  She didn't want or say anything special.  She still talks about getting the Dr. permission to drive again.  I'm sure it will never happen.

One of the gals I worked with at Beaty, a widow & children not in Warren, has Alzheimer's & she is now at the former Penn Laurel as she can't take care of herself.

We had more snow this week & cold weather  Pittsburgh has had snow most every day in Jan. & the coldest winter since 1994.  I'm sure it is the same for us, only not as many snow days.

Better check my roast.

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