Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Sunday, January 6, 2003

Dale is at Sam B. watching the Steelers & they can't be too happy.  Cleveland is ahead & they are in the 4th quarter.  But hopes are high!

Freda Woodall, Bertha Nelson & Bernie Bloom died Wed, Sat. & this a.m.  Freda was 97, Bertha early 90s -- both ailing a long time.   Don't know Bernie's age.

We received another blow this A.M. in church.  John Check resigned as choir director & council member.  No reason.  He's been the glue holding things together.  Hope it's not illness or someone thinking he's taking too much upon himself.  Wonder what happens next.

Thanks, Andy, so much for the casserole holder you made.  I love it & needed another one to hold a hot casserole from the oven.  Your work is excellent.  I'm real proud to heave it.

I called Millie last nite.  She mentioned getting your letter & enjoyed hearing.  They have a lot of snow & she was plowed in.  Couldn't get out to get groceries. She finally got it cleared.  IT had frozen solid so you couldn't shovel it out.  When Linda was home during Christmas they went to see Gen.  She took them upstairs & when Ed built the addition it added 2 closets to their bedroom & Millie said she was surprised at the mess.  Gen never throws anything away.  The church has a fall bazaar & Millie was trying to get Gen to part with things but she won't.

Both Gen & John were sick over New Year's with the flu & it lasted 3 days.  The holidays weren't so nice for them.

And Gen's old Dr. died so Thurs the 9th she will see a new Dr.  I hope he can help a bit.  She has no interest in anything & if Millie questions her she says John takes care of things.

Mon. 4:30 pm.  I'm tired after a busy day of putting things away.  Just a few more things to go in the attic from Christmas.  Things are looking more normal now.  I hate too much clutter.

Started supper after lunch & I'm glad I did.  We're having beef & pork cubes over rice.  Sort of a chop suey.

Dale didn't get home for lunch til 1 pm.  He had to finish a job.  I wondered what happened as he usually calls if he's not coming.

I mentioned about the Santas we got at KMart on a Mon.  On Tues. Barb went back alone to get another Santa & on Tues. they have a senior citizen discount.  The cashier asked Barb is she was a senior citizen. That didn't go over too big.

What are your plans for spring break or will you be too busy to get away.

Were Albert & Cyndi home for Christmas?

Watching the Steelers win yesterday was too exciting.  I was sure they would be losers & then it happened -- keeping us on the edge of our chairs.  They won.  I'm sure you were unhappy when the Packers lost.  We watched the game.  And San Fran won in the closing minutes.  I was rooting for the N.Y. Giants.  Only 1 winner per game.  Too bad.

Last Sat. I made Danish & used my new pans & inserts & it worked so well.  Easy to clean & I needed only 2 pans for 1 batch & they wren't crowded.  I will really appreciate them.

Dale gave Barb a cookbook -- Cooking for Your Health -- for Christmas.  More of his bargains.  Kim tho't it looked interesting so last Sat. Dale got another one.  He's starting his shopping for Christmas early.

I lost my house key.  Noticed last Fri. they weren't in my purse.  I've looked everywhere -- also the car key & I don't know where else to look.  Will have to get on made.  Last Fri. Barb left the house opened as I'm back soon after she leaves.  Haven't checked the car yet.  Maybe they got dropped & I didn't realize it.  [Got one made.]

Wed A.M.

Have you recovered from the big night.  Bet it was a fun time.

Yesterday I got 2 pillows at KMart so I could sit up & see the TV better in bed.  I'm looking forward to watching baseball in bed.  What is it -- 7 or 8 weeks & spring training begins.

Mon & Tues were busy days so this will be an easy day.  Get garbage ready & easy things.  Decide on a dessert for tomorrow & a different way to fix chicken.

Thurs. A.M.  I found my keys.  Decided to look in my slack pockets & found them.  Have an extra house key if this happens again.  Don't usually put them there.

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