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March 23, 2003

I'm in the L.R. watching TV & drinking coffee.  My work is done -- cleaning up after the evening meal. It is still quite light.

Today I talked to the Gustafson's - Marie said she had talked to Eddie Africa.  He will be here til fall as he is busy with things around the house & going thru papers.  The house will be put up for sale.  He has worked i Ariz. as a bellhop.  Has never owned a house or a car, but he plans to get both when he return to Ariz.  He has arthritic hands but he doesn't plan to bellhop anymore.  Suppose it would be hard to carry luggage.  Neither he or sister Judy has married.  Judy is in Oregon.  We never saw much of him as a kid.  Judy's is Barb's age.  Ed is 50 -- I don't know if he was in Lar's class, but I know Lar never played with him.

Last nite Barb & I watched a PBS special money-raising program of "The Three American Tenors".  It was a great program with a variety of songs to suit anybody watching.  With a $75.00 gift you cold get a video of the program, which we ordered.  3 younger men with an orchestra & chorus.  It was an idea of one man who searched for 3 tenors who would blend & work together   He made a good choice.  They are very personable & came across to the audience very well.  I usually send a gift of money so I did it this way this year.  I know we'll enjoy it.

Tues. after supper, Mar. 25

Another day is soon over & I'm in the L.R. watching "This Old House" & drinking my coffee.

Today we had our study at church followed by a pot luck.  Then we went grocery shopping.

This wasn't Barb's day.  She has been walking for exercise, to Bert's.  On the way home by Market & Third, she tripped & fell flat on her face.  She said why couldn't I have fallen when there wasn't any traffic.  She wasn't hurt.  Later she was making a smoothie & when she went to pour it into a glass it leaked out & made a little puddle.  Then, after it was in the glass, she decided she didn't mix it enough. She put it back, turned i ton & when she went to pour it, it spilled again.  She had 2 messes to clean up. We both had a good laugh.

Late in the aft. we had some rain & it continues.  I'm hoping tomorrow will  be rainless as I'd like to go to the bank & post office. Otherwise I'll do it on Fri.

Just got a phone call so I have something more to write about.  It was Rick Moore from church.  They are planning cottage meetings to invite members who aren't regulars in their attendance to come to the mtgs to become more informed in what is going on .  And they need homes to meet in & that was the crux of the call.  I said I'd be willing.  It won't be til the end of May or between the 15-30th.  They would have a brief Bible Study followed by a discussion of the mission of St. Paul.  I'd be responsible to send out prepared invitations & follow up if there was no response.  And I'd serve coffee & a dessert or the like.  So we'll see what happens.  There will be a mtg of the hosts & hostesses to instruct us, etc.  It is hard to refuse.

Wed the 26th

This A.M. I walked over town -- to the post office, to the bank, to the library, then home.  I put the money for Apr. in various envelopes -- food, hair, spend, etc.  After lunch I made a pie crust for strawberry pie for tomorrow.  Then I tried an oatmeal cooky recipe from the new "Taste of Home".  I' enjoying one now with a cup of coffee.  They are good.  Also made the choc. surprise cooky again.  It's getting to be a habit.

Oh, yes, before lunch I made a potato salad to go with hamburgers tonite.  And the kitchen is all cleaned up!

I started a couple of chapters of "Summer in Tuscany" by Elizabeth Adler & it will be a good one to read.  The other book is by an author new to me -- "Misfortune" by Nancy Geary.  It takes place in Southhampton, N.Y.  In "real" life the author "was a prosecutor for the Criminal Bureau of Mass. Attorney General's Office."  Sounds interesting     This is her first book & she is working on her 2nd, most likely published by now.

Thurs A.M. & it's beautiful.  Walked to Baker's Cleaners to pick up a sweater & slacks.  The weekend doesn't sound so good -- only in the 20's.  Hope they are wrong.

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