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Sunday, June 8, 2003

Just finished watching Seattle cream the Mets.  1st game of a double header.  We don't get the 2nd game, so I turned Fox Sports Pittsburgh & will watch Pittsburgh 3, Atlanta 2, in the 5th.

Marie Mathis called me to let me know Pastor Risher died Sat.  We talked about a new pastor & she heard some don't want a woman pastor.

Barb won't be taking care of Scott during the summer so we plan to go to Jamestown Mon. A.M. & she'll go to Bert's in aft.  We'll grocery shop at Wegman's.  Wed aft. I see Dr. McNett & Thurs. A.M. I go to Dr. Walters, dentist.  It will be a cut up week.

Last Fri. I got 2 library books & read them already.  An Accidental Woman by Barbara Delinsky & Kate Hannigan's Daughter by Catherine Cookson.  Both were excellent -- enjoyable.

Barb has had bifocals for some time.  For when she knits & watches TV.  I talk about getting sun glasses but never do anything.  I haven't called to have my eyes checked because I can't walk home & Barb can't always pick me up.  Next Tues. Kim will take me to the Dr. & Barb will pick me up.  They say the bridge will come down around the first of July.  They can't wait too long without a bridge being erected.

Mon. the 9th

We had heavy rain last nite & a little got into the basement so Dale is cleaning it up now.

This A.M. we went to Jamestown.  A fast trip -- I got a girdle & a purse at Bon Ton. Half price plus a 20% off coupon so they were good buys.  Barb found a top she liked.  We walked thru Sears but didn't stop.  On to Wegman's.  We got some Paul Newman ginger snaps & they are so good.  Cream filling.  We'll buy them again.  So good if you like molasses.

Had planned to have hamburgers tonite but Barb asked me to hold off a day.  She planned to have leftover pizza & a salad.  So I had to decide what to have.  I had frozen ravioli so I cooked it, put it in spaghetti sauce & heated it up in the microwave.  So easy & so good, along with a salad.

Gary Risher was only 56 years old.  He had been sick for 2 years & it sounded like he just gave up.

Last nite I watched the Yankees at the Cubs in Chicago & what an exciting game.  The Cubs pitcher was so good for 6 innings when I turned off the TV in the bedroom.  But I couldn't get to sleep so I decided to watch the game -- it was the 89th inning & the Yankees were getting runs, but the Cubs held them off.  It made me happy.  The Braves keep winning -- and the Mets win one & lose many more.  Too many injuries.

It's been a nice day & I got my chores completed.

Tues. the 10th

Barb rode her bike this late aft. & she was in front of the state hosp. when a groundhog crossed her path & she rode over it & it threw her off her bike.  She landed on her back & laid there for a minute or two.  A lady came to check & Barb said she was OK & rode home. The wheels on the bike wobbled so she'll have to have it checked.  She is sore all over & it hurts to walk. She is using the cane I got for Dad.  She'll be sore for awhile.

About 8:30 this A>M. Warren H. called telling me about going out to lunch in Pittsfield.  The old hotel now the Acock Inn.  They will pick me up.  Warren told me he talked with a pastor friend from the O.C. area from 11 p.m. to 12:15 A.M.  Then he decided to watched TV & didn't get to bed until 2:45 A.M.  And Ted Benson woke him up with an early morning call to tell him our friends in Ohio can't come this time so they changed where we'll have lunch. Then Warren called me.

Dale won't be home for lunch either Thurs. or Fri.  Thurs. they'll have a lunch mtg. to talk about health insurance.  It has been raised 50% & they're hoping to change companies.  Fri. will be their regularly monthly work mtg.  He wants me to pack a sandwich for him on Thurs. as he doesn't know if there will be food at that mtg.  They always have pizza at the work mtg.

Wed the 11th

Barb is still sore but is feeling better.  Kim took me to the Dr. & waited for me.  We went Pa. Ave W & came home Dorcon Rd.  There was so much traffic going over.  Much easier going home Dorcon Rd.

My blood pressure was higher so he gave me a new prescription & I go back in 30 days to have the nurse check my blood pressure.  Dr. McNett said this is a pill that is also good for the heart & kidneys. The bad part it can make you cough so I hope it won't bother me.  It made him cough in the aft. so he had to go to another pill that is more expensive.  The new pill I'll take isn't that expensive -- none of my prescriptions are, so I'm lucky that way.

Everyone remarks about the rainy weather.  Even at noon Dale wondered when the sun will shine. It does get a person down. Dale wants to mow the lawn -- the rain makes it grow so fast.

Just noticed another cooky recipe in the new Bon Appetit.  Oatmeal cookies with raisins, dates & walnuts.  also copies the Turtle Bars that sounds so good -- for around the holidays.  When I get a permanent I usually bring a treat for "the gang" -- they are all so nice.  Have a perm. coming up the last Mon. of June so will have to decide what to make.  When Jerry came to the house to cut Dad's hair, I always had a treat for him.

When I got weighed to day I had lost 5 lbs -- I've been cutting down on snacks.  Barb spurred me on.  She has lost weight but hasn't reached her goal yet.  I just didn't want to see the scale go up anymore.

Thurs the 12th.  I got all the work done in one visit to the Dentist & I'm glad of that.  We've had so much rain today.  Larry wasn't able to finish all eh wanted to do at Carey's   He got the lawn moved & hoped to do some trimming.

All for this session.

Houston's no-hitter against the Yankees was super, even it if took 7 pitchers!

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