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Saturday, May 31, 2003

We had a rainy, dark day & it made me lazy.  But by late aft. I decided to get up off my butt & start supper.  I made a chicken-spinach quiche & it was good.

Carey's moved on Fri. going to Paula's for the weekend & then to Fla.  They are building a new home. He had told Lar they wouldn't be moving til after June 6th but evidently the new owners wouldn't give them an extra week.  They had planned to have a sale this coming week.

Thanks for the pictures -- the flowers are so pretty & the back yard is so nice.  You are lucky to have such a nice yard, esp. when you entertain.

The next 3 months church starts at 9:30 A.M.  I like it as when I get home I can have a cup of coffee & read the Buff. paper.  On the front porch if it ever decides to let us have June weather.

Fri. A.M., the 29th, Barb said she got up during the nite & noticed the living room TV was on. She came down & turned it off.  I noticed the front door wasn't locked when I went for the A.M. paper.  That scared Barb -- she was sure someone got in the house.  Last nite I got up & noticed the L.R. TV was on -- went down & turned it off.  We finally decided somehow the TV was set to turn it on during the nite. Barb was checking it out Thurs nite & must have hit the right button to have it go on.  She checked & now it is off. A funny experience, tho.

Gen just called.  The pastor & another member wanted to help & found a woman to come & be with Gen a few times a week & Gen doesn't like it.  I said you should be glad to have someone help clean & so forth.  She doesn't want anyone cleaning her house!  I suppose stubbornness is one of the things that happens but she needs someone there to watch her. She has a kitten & doesn't like having to clean a litter box.  Both Ed & Gen have been very private about their affairs.  She's planing to take her driver's test again but she would never pass.  Each time she calls I noticed it is harder for her to remember how to finish her sentence.

Wed. June 3rd

I always took to see who died & was shocked to see Bill Weldon, age 50, husband of Karen Yosten, died.  I couldn't believe it.  They have 3 grown children.  I'm sure that scared Mike (can't remember his last name) Lar's friend & Bill played cards with Mike & Mike's heart is in bad shape.  It wouldn't have been such a shock if it had been Mike because Lar doesn't think he's too well.  Now I remember M. Brindis.  Dale said Bill had gotten a "beer belly".

The library had a computer session & Barb signed up for it.  It was a one on one session & she learned about the web sight & Barb mentioned her brother was director of the Middleton  Wi library so they looked the library up & made a copy I'm enclosing.  It's a small world!  The bottom 2 names didn't get on due to lack of space.

Because of the weather Barb hasn't been able to ride her bike, but Fri, Sat, and Sun look nice so she should be able to get her miles in.

The weather is annoying as it takes away my incentive to work.  And the furnace keeps coming on & I turn it down.  Lar will have to retime it.  (Is that a word?)  Maybe reset is better.  Why learn if someone else will do it.  I'm sure Dale could do it.

Dale thinks he'll be thru working on the Monte Carlo in a couple of days.

No one has moved into Carey's house yet.  But someone has been in cleaning or something.

I better get a wiggle on & do something.  I have dusted downstairs, got the garbage ready & I'll put in the garage after Barb leaves.  They collect on Thurs.

I've been meaning to call Millie & see how things are & later I'm settled & watch TV I keep forgetting to call. Tonight for sure.

Later -- Just spent 1/2 hr. talking to Millie.  John got this lady to come Tues. & Thurs. to give him a break.  Gen doesn't want her & won't let her do anything.  Millie said -- have her take you to the store or mall.  Gen always has plenty of money but really can't shop.  John would like to have Janet (the lady) make a meal for Gen so he wouldn't have to take her out but Gen likes John to take her out.  And it is even hard for her to make herself a decent lunch.

She doesn't seem to realize she can't do things.  And she doesn't seem to realize she has dementia.  John confers with the Dr. & tells Gen nothing.  She wishes now she had more children, mainly a daughter   But daughters don't always stay in the area.

The Yankees are in Cincy & losing the game 6-2 6th inning.  They lost the first game.  I like it!  The Mets are rained out for the 2nd nite.  At least it is a rain delay tonite so far.

It's Gen's birthday June 13 & Linda comes that weekend & she & Millie will take Gen out for lunch.  On Sat. they go back to Linda's & Millie will stay til Thurs.  They plan to take in a play at a Summer Playhouse.

Thurs nite June 5

I had chicken & biscuits tonite & it was really good.  Pecan pie for dessert.

Today is the day my mother was born in 1892.  Also Millie's Larry's birthday.

No bicycling so far this week.  Rain & cool weather.  But we're suppose to see sun & 70 tomorrow. so that is nice as it is graduation from high school.

Tell Andy I think this is the Braves year to win it all.  If they get to the World Series, I'll still root for the A.L. team as long as it's not the Yankees -- I'm hoping it will be the Seattle Mariner.

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