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Sunday, April 6, 2003

Patty's husband's funeral was this aft. at 4pm, preceded by a 2-hour visitation.  I went over shortly after 2pm  so I could see the end of the Mets game, which they lost in the 9th inning. Patty is taking the death very well but it must be very hard on her.  The son Chipper was able to get leave from the Army.

The Mets won 2 out of 3 games with Montreal.  David Cone started the first game & he was so good.  Tom Gladden pitched yesterday & it wasn't hard to root for him & appreciate his work. He looks good in a Met uniform!  Opening day wasn't good for him but he made up for it yesterday.

This A.M. they announced the Call Committee will meet with the candidate on Sat.  Hope it all works out.

This will be a busy week with outside activities.  I don't want to miss the Bible Study Tues. A.M. to see if anything is said about the candidate.  Tues. aft. I get a "perm" at 2 pm  So Mon. I'll do my Tues work -- the bathroom mainly -- & we'll get groceries in the aft.

Last Fri. we went to -- no we didn't we went on Wed. & I already covered that.

We'll celebrate Dale's birthday on Thurs & he wants steak, baked pot, tossed salad & apple pie.  Easier to fix a meal then to find gifts for him.

Mr. Carey called Larry -- they'll be home in a couple of weeks.  He said he'd never live in Fla. year round.  The retirees go to dinner at 4:30 p, & take home doggy bags & that's not for them.  They'll look in Buffalo for a home & Susan also plans to move there.

Enjoyed your letter.  Nice that you were able to be with Roland & Linda.  It is hard to understand Eric & his college studies.  I would think that by now he'd be concerned for his future.  I hope that Lindsay is making passing grades. I wasn't too surprised about Carolyn & Jim & their finances.  I just know I never could have liked like that.  I can enjoy my retirement -- only wish Dad could have lived longer.  Too bad Carolyn didn't get into school teaching -- she trained for it in college.  I can't understand any husband spending all his money & not investing anything for the future.

Mon. Apr. 7

School was called off today due to the weather & Tues. doesn't sound much better   They get 6 days off over Easter & parents have planned trips.  Lynn & family plan to go to Fla, taking 3 extra days.  I wonder how Central Office will make up this snow day.  We got groceries this A.M.  I'm making soup for supper -- a good winter meal! - and a banana cream pie.  It is cold as well, weatherwise.

Tues. A.M. 8th

Decided not to go to church this A.M.  Decided to be lazy & take it easy.  We didn't get the brunt of the storm & the sidewalks are clear for when I walk to the beauty shop.  As soon as Dale left for work, I made a batch of the choc. cookies for a treat for the "girls" & Jerry at the beauty shop.  They like my treats.

No school yesterday cut off the last day of the Easter break.  Lynn's family will still be gone 11 days.  Barb will sit the 2 cats & the dog at Lynn's & will do some housecleaning while they are gone.  She will sleep there.  They also have a fish tank.

My perm came out nice. Good to have curl again.

One Thurs. nite over dinner Kim was amazed at what Lar & Dale know about world events, places, etc.  They both read papers & you learn a lot from the History Channel that they both like.  Another time we were talking about writing & Kim wondered if writing was part of Dale's job.  It is -- he has to write up what he does for a job.  I'm sure people don't realize how much writing is included in most every job today.

Thurs A. M.

I made Dale's birthday apple pie right after breakfast.  And it's a beautiful sunny day with blue skies & warming up.  Who could ask for more -- me that it will stay this way & let us experience spring.

Bert got a carbon dioxide monitor & Barb bro't it home to test our house.  The first time she plugged it in it made a screeching noise & she was sure gas was leaking.  Dale told her gas contain carbon dioxide.  She didn't believe him & she called the gas co & they told her the same thing.  When I came home on Tues. she was here & said "I have a surprise".  She had the monitor in the plug & no noise.  She figures she didn't keep it in long enough because with that noise, I said turn it off.   She can make mountains out of molehills. Both our furnace & stove are not that old.

It's 10 A.M. & Barb is still here.  I need to finish a letter to Millie as her birthday is the 17th.

I'm enclosing an article that I enjoyed reading -- maybe you will.

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