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Monday, April 21, 2003

I can chew on my favorite side again.  After about 1 1/2 hrs. of drilling, probing, xrays & filling.  It wasn't bad at all & I didn't need novocaine (couldn't find the correct spelling but I think you can get what I mean).  That was a nice surprise.  He suggested I have them capped & then they'll last a long time.  I have no idea of the cost or if it is really necessary at my age.  It wasn't a bad experience at all.  But I'm glad it's over.

We enjoyed our turkey dinner yesterday & Dale & I had leftovers tonite.  I didn't lose my appetite.  I had to get a prescription, in fact he gave me 2 to get filled but I only filled the one for penicillin & I didn't think I needed the one for extra strong pain pill. I fell no pain at all.

Barb has to spend another nite at Johansens as they didn't leave til today.  Going down the traffic was very heavy & they hoped to miss some of it going coming home.  You must be able to tell this letter doesn't have my full attention -- I'm watching Trauma on TLC.

Easter service at church was good attendance wise & all ways.  Pastor Nancy Schwanke had the service & she is well liked.  The extra flowers added a lot as well.

Last Fri. nite we went out to dinner at Holiday Inn to celebrate Barb & Dale's birthdays.  Dale had Surf & Turf & enjoyed it.  Lar had Prime rib.  Barb had Steak Diane.  Kim had a vegetable dish & I had the fish fry.  And dessert -- a brownie topped with ice cream, egg whites covered it & it was broiled.  Baked Alaska & it was so good & so filling.

Next is Lar's birthday & he'll have steak, etc. but carrot cake for dessert.

Torey's back paw pads are worn thin so it is hard for him to walk.  Last Sat. they walked 4 miles twice.   Kim has gotten a bootie for his back paws & he keeps them on but they wear out fast.

Last Sat. Dale trimmed the fir trees in the back yard by the fence.  He must have cut off a foot of top branches from the trees.  I can't believe how much light they cut out.  It is so much lighter now & we can see the play ground equipment now.  They are even with the top of the fence now.  I sure like the word, "now".

Dale cut the grass last Fri. & after rain during the nite & some today, it won't be long before it needs cutting again.  It is nice & green.

Karen S. son & daughter were in church yesterday with Rose.  Kirstin is a very attractive girl.  Rick, the dad, plans to get married this spring.   She has 2 children but they are adults & on their own.

Wed. the 23rd

Barb is home again.  After lunch we went to Jamestown.  I got a pair of a darker tan slacks with elastic waist.  I like them for everyday.  And 2 tops.  Guess you'd say "I'm spending my kids' inheritance."  Ha!Ha!  But this should end it -- unless I can find a pretty skirt!  We also grocery shopped at Wegman's.  It is a large store with a variety of many different kinds of food.  Also an organic section Barb likes.  It wasn't as busy as it is on Fri.  Usually I go into KMart & Barb goes to Wegman's, but I didn't have my keys with me so that is why I went into Wegman's.  Usually I just wait in the car.  That's what happens when you get forgetful!! They are back where they belong.

It didn't warm up much today -- a cool wind but the sky is clear & blue & there is sunshine.

I got my blouse at Sears -- they have improved their inventory so much.  I like their styles better than Penney's.  Warren Bon Ton doesn't have much to please me except the Brigg's slacks.

Barb got a perm yesterday -- it looks nice.  The gal who does her hair moved to another shop & Barb said they have a little gift shop with a lot of nice things that aren't too expensive.

Thurs. Apr. 24

For dessert tonite I made an apple upside down cake & I thought it was good.  We also had creamed chicken on biscuits & peas for the veggie.  And fruit salad.

We're planning to go to Erie the 2nd Fri. in May.  I'm sure we'll have lunch at our favorite spot & I can't remember the name -- some kind of Garden that serves Italian foods.  I love their soup & bread sticks.

We had frost this A.M.  29 at 6 A.M.

Careys will be home next Mon.  Larry & Kim are invited to Paula & John's baby baptism the first Sun. in June.  They don't  really care to go.  This Sat. nite Lar & Kim are hosting a couple's party at camp.  They choose a theme & then choose food to go with it.  A "chips" party.  There will be both hot & cold dips for chips & a chip casserole with beef & one with chicken.

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