Monday, December 12, 2011

Saturday, May 22, 1999

Last Tues. I was all set to eat my lunch & the door bell rang.  It was Ted Benson wondering if I'd like to go out to lunch with them.  I said give me a minute - put my sandwich & milk in the fridge, grabbed my purse & was ready.  We went to Perkins & had a nice visit.  They planned to get flowers at Hatch Patch & walk thru the Bon Ton.  Luckily I was dressed to go out, thanks to having to vote.  A new store will be opening at the mall, the Shoe Depot.

Sun. is Pentecost & members bring red geraniums to church & then they are planted outside.  We get a good response & the church looks nice with the red flowers up front.  Members are encouraged to wear red as well.  A nice touch.

Barb painted the front steps & they look so nice.  The railings are being made.

Kim found out there will be 80 6th graders next year & they come as one group to Phy. Ed plus a parent wants their son who is in a wheelchair in regular phy. ed classes.  Kim said no way could she do that - they are regularly divided up among 3 classes.  She went to the principal to let him know that no way could she have such a large class.  He didn't want to hear it - Kim made a few suggestions & he finally agreed to try to find a solution & he finally did.  Sometimes you have to speak up to get a change, or things go on as usual.  Easier not to rock the boat.  Denny Johnson is leaving & will be teaching in a college in N. Carolina.  He got his PHd to do that.  So Kim will have a new teacher to break in.

Thanks for the pictures of the boys.  "2 little angels"!!  The one with the priest.  You're going to have to help Eddie learn to ride a bike.  Lar wanted to help him but he didn't like the girl's bike we had.

Now it's Tues. the 25th.

Yesterday I was suppose to have a Carotid Doppler at the hospital & I forgot all about it.  It's a test to see if the veins in my neck are clogged.  I called & no big deal - they set up a new appt. for Thurs. June 3d 2 pm.

Lar was saying that Schormans, Dr. Fino & maybe Careys want to sell their homes.  Schormans & Careys for something smaller & Dr. Fino plans to leave Warren.  Has finally retired.

Dale passed tests & can now work on the Daimler cars.  As a result he will receive a gold ring in recognition.  He said it will go in his drawer with the other ring he got.  I've never heard or seen it.  Will have to remember to ask him to show it to me.

We're having our share of rain now.  Late April showers.  I've started another 1000 pc. puzzle.  They are fun to put together, exasperating at times.

Last Sun. we had a pork loin roast & it was so good & tender as well.  On sale this week at Bi Lo so I got another one to freeze for later on.

Dale is on the way to the P.O.

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