Friday, December 23, 2011

Saturday, August 14, 1999

I'm sitting on the front porch.  Too muggy to do much.

Friday aft. I got a call from Warren Hollertz asking if I wanted to go to Mass. on a short visit.  We'd leave Fri. the 27th & return Tues. the 31st.  I'd have 3 days with Gen & Ed & I prefer a short trip.  Called Gen last nite & they have no plans.  I'd help with the gas.  It should be a fund drive with Warren & Anna.  So I'll get to see Ed, Gen, Millie, John & Edith.  Gen asked what I'd like to do but there won't be much time to do anything.  I'll take my swim suit in case of hot weather.  I'm hoping for a cool spell.  It will be nice to have a brief break from the routine.

Dale says next spring he'll sell the Monte Carlo & just have 2 cars.  He said that before so we'll see.

It rained hard during the nite but I didn't hear it.  Was having crazy dreams.  It woke Dale.  Barb has a barrel to collect the rain to help water the garden.  It all helps.

The elec. bill was 92.00 because of using the A.C.  But it was well worth it during the hot spell.

I got a copy of the will, living will & power of attorney to check over.  I'll call for an appt. to sign them.  Should  learn more about changing the house ownership then. 

Your family birthdays are coming up.  Is Andy grown up enough to prefer money to buy what he'd like or will you give me suggestions - also for you.  I have ideas for JoAnna & Eddie as he will still like a pkg. to open.  I'd still send Andy a little something to open.

Then Sept. will soon be here & that is the month designated for Christmas gift ideas!!  So I'd like gift suggestions!! Pretty Please.

Kim has been busy this past week with preparations for a 30 mi. bike race.  T hey expect a good group.  She's been going for solicitations of fruit, gifts (bikers' names drawn from a hat) & gifts of money.  Profits going to - can't remember the name -- but mothers & children who have been treated badly by husbands.  The poor merchants & business owners get the brunt of it all.  At least when letters come to homes asking for money they can to into the trash.  Some organization keep begging even after you've given.

Time for a cup of coffee so I'll finish this later.

Mon 9 A.M.

I'll finish this & mail it when I mail a card for Bertha Nelson's birthday.

Our paperboy's mother died yesterday at the age of 42 leaving 5 children.  One around Scott's age as Barb remembers her from the Y.  And active swimmer & runner.  It's so sad.  Andrew must be the oldest & he is a Jr. in high school.  She grew up in Wrrn. & so did her husband so they have relatives & parents.

Ted Benson just called & he is planning a 70th birthday party for Pat.  It's for Thurs. the 26th at 6 pm.  A busy time but I'll have my suitcase call packed ahead of time - probably starting on Mon. of that week.  I can get a ride with Roy & Eleanor Forstrom.

Got my answer last nite on your telephone call concerning Andy's birthday gift.  Hope I can find it.

It's a beautiful start to a Mon. weatherwise.  I'll enjoy a little walk.  Want to see the house that stood empty so long & is now being remodeled.  Next to where Schwartzs used to live on Jefferson & Buchanan.  Both Barb & Kim have remarked about it.  All new windows - lots torn out to improve it.  It was a real eyesore.

Better get going.

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